Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: We are to do good, why, and how can we?

We continue to learn from the first letter of the Apostle Peter. Through Peter, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God speaks to all Christians including us and those who will follow us. We have the Word of God which is eternal but instructing to impact daily life! So far we have noted that in spite of troubles

and hardships on earth, Christians are not to be complacent but to grow in their faith and do good in all areas of life.

We continue to learn and be challenged with the Word of God in 1 Peter 3; open your Bibles there please and note v11....

v11... It is the main call for Christian living! - turn from evil and do good!

and look at v12.... God's eyes are on Christians; in other words, God will protect Christians!

But also, God's face are on those who do evil; in other words, God will confront evildoers!

Every person will answer to God!

And so, let us read the entire passage and note the details of turning from evil and doing good in the eyes of the Lord. Read along with me 1 Peter 3:8-22....

From v8-10, All Christians are to:

- be like minded; does this mean we are all to have the same thoughts? The Original Greek word here is homophron meaning to have the same perspective or be of same accord; and what is that perspective or in accordance to what? This is the same as being one in Christ; Christianity is to be one body but many parts and the Head is Jesus Christ. Being like minded means all Christians are to = focus on and follow Christ alone! All Christians working together are to be asking one another “What does Jesus want us to do?”

- be sympathetic = meaning to understand the other person

do we really listen to others to understand their situation or do we just keep on talking?

- love one another; the love word here is philadelphia meaning brotherly love = a deep relational love

this is caring love which honors the family!

- be compassionate; the Greek word here indicates = being tender hearted and merciful

the opposite is what we don't want to do, to be cold hearted and judging.

- be humble (the opposite which we don't want to do of course is to be egotistic and prideful.

- not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing,

- keep tongue from evil and lips from deceitful speech

Let’s briefly look at the list of to do as Christians and make a personal note: quietly rate yourself from 1 -5, with 5 being greatest, how you are doing in those areas (how are we personally doing in being likeminded with other Christians, in truly trying to understand the other person, in brotherly love in church, in being compassionate, in humility, repaying evil with blessing, and in what we say?) Take a moment to rate yourself from 1-5….

In just 4 verses here in 1 Peter 3:8-12, the Christian is asked to do 7 good things which are really not easy to do because even though Christians are saved from their sins, we Christians still have to deal with our sinful, selfish natures. The Christian life is to be lived by turning away from evil and doing good! Not only are we to do these 7 things, God calls us to do many other good things in earlier passages in this letter from Peter. Why should we do

these good things?; and more importantly, how can we really do them?

So first of all, why do we have to do these good things when we Christians are already frogiven and are going to heaven? Why do we have to work and fight against our sinful natures?

1. Christians belong to a good God! God is good... And so, God expects His people to be good!

2. goes along with reason #1, not doing good is evil! when we don't keep our sinful nature in check, we are really allowing the devil to win in our lives!

3. Over and over again, God tells us that when we do good, there will be blessings! We can see this in 1 Peter 3:8, 9, 12, & 14).

4. What does v13 of 1 Peter 3 indicate? Doing good will be appreciated! - not only by other people but God Himself will appreciate our goodness

5. And look again at v15..... Doing good gives power to proclaiming the truth about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Many of us Christians really have no power in telling others about Christ because we still choose evil instead of good.

6. v16 tells us that doing good will produce a good conscience!

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