Summary: In the Bible we learn that God is powerful, but just how powerful is He? Let us find out.

Psalm 62:11-12

Introduction: As children we all said our prayers and especially during dinner we would say that God was great and good.

According to the Bible God is both awesome and great.

All great events in the Bible can be traced back to God's greatness and power.

But, just how great is our God?

1. He is Greater than all other gods.

A. David writes within this Psalm about power belonging unto God (vs. 11), and that God has the power to render mercy to whomever He wishes (vs. 12).

B. Elsewhere in the Psalms, we are told that God is great and that He is King above all gods (Psalm 95:3).

C. We also are told that due to God's greatness, He should be praised and feared above all gods (Psalm 96:4).

D. Lastly, we find our that God is so great that He is high above the earth and exalted above all gods (Psalm 97:9).

2. He is Greater than all things.

A. In keeping with the understanding of God's exalted position, we can find in Psalms that God should be praised for His glorious works. His word brought about the heavens and all the host of it (Psalm 33:6). His power is so great that He gathereth the seas together and determines how deep they should be (Psalm 33:7). His power should have each of us standing in awe of Him (Psalm 33:8). Just think about it for a moment, God spoke and all things came into existence (Genesis 1). His words are so powerful that He speaks and all of creation does what He commands (Psalm 33:9).

B. Within God's power and authority comes the number of the stars and their names (Psalm 147:4). God's power is so immeasurable that His understanding cannot be determined either (Psalm 147:5).

C. He is all-knowing, He is ever-present, and He is all-powerful. He knows our thoughts before we even think them up, and His knowledge of all portions of our lives; past, present and future is too wonderful for us to put into words (Psalm 139:1-6). No matter where we go, we cannot be removed from His presence. If we flee away or dwell in the farthest part of the sea, even then God is fully aware of us and our location (Psalm 139:7-12). God's power extends even to our bodies in pre-birth, where He formed us within our mothers womb. God's power is so great, He alone can number the sand. God is also so great that He can deliver us from the hand of the wicked each and every time (Psalm 139:13-24).

3. He is Greater than all of our enemies.

A. God is so awesome that even His enemies will one day submit themselves unto Him (Psalm 66:3).

B. God is so great that even the weather is in His control. He can bring forth hail and fire as He did in Egypt (Exodus 9:24). He can cause lightning, can cause typhoons, and even cause tidal waves (Psalm 18:12-15). All this can occur by just the blast of His nostrils and at His command.

C. In the book of Job, Satan could have no power over Job, unless God gave it to Him (Job 1:12; 2:6). Satan is the archemeny of every believer. Yet, as you see, he can do nothing unless given approval by God.

Conclusion: As you see in this simple message, God is great and His greatness makes Him more powerful than all gods, all things, and all of your enemies. Will you let God take your burdens, your problems, and your circumstances so that He can show you His great love and mercy? Stop trying to overcome your enemies alone, let God assist you. What will your decision be today?

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