Summary: Today's sermon is about our responsibility as believers in Jesus Christ when it comes to gathering together. It looks are our need to seek God's Presence, God's Guidance, and to Break Spiritual Bondages.

Our Responsibility

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As you know, we’re into a new series on discipleship looking at those biblical values that we need to build our lives upon in order to rightly build God’s house within us. This week I was looking at the value of accepting responsibility, and how taking responsibility, or the ability to respond rightly, might be one of the greatest gifts and values we have.

This was the sermon that I had ready to rock and roll for us this morning, but the Lord seemed to want to change this up so that we get rightly focused on our responsibility as a church and as members of this congregation, as to what our real priorities are, especially when we come together.

This past week, several things came out as we took time to fast and pray concerning the potential expansion of our sanctuary into the space next door. Now, I’m not sure how our Foursquare district and the denomination will respond to our request, but what I do know is what we should be doing, whether we get the place next door or not.

Maybe I can say it like this, what is our responsibility.

Several of us took some time in prayer this past week, and during that time there were two words that stood out to me about what our responsibility should be in what we are now facing. These words were “trust,” and “distraction.”

And so this is what came to me during the prayer time. “What are we placing our trust in,” and “is Satan distracting us from our true mission at Living Waters Fellowship?”

Placing our trust that the church will continue to grow if we have more space, may be a little misguided. First, if God wanted us to have this new space, He would have provided the necessary funding required by Foursquare with no questions asked. But in that same vein, God may be testing our faith in that we need to move forward, and not let the issue of finances stand in our way. But that last part is somewhat mute, in that we’re ready to move forward, but at this moment it is in the hands of the Foursquare denomination.

And so, the issue of having the faith to move despite our finances isn’t the issue.

What’s the issue? It’s simple, are we placing our trust that having the larger space is the answer? Are having more chairs and more room, having new carpet and freshly painted walls, having some new and better audio/visual system, or a new stage and pulpit the answer.

Now, on the practical side of things, the answer would be yes, because that is what a lot of people see, and want to see, who are looking for a new church home.

It is said that from the first five minutes a person walks into a place they determine whether or not they want to come back. And so, when people are looking for a church, for the most part it’s the ascetics, and the friendliness of the church membership that determine whether someone will come back and stay.

What I have found refreshing about our church is that when people come in they are warmly greeted by our members, and they feel the Holy Spirit when they enter. I hear this a lot from those who come and visit and then stay. This honestly is what it should be about, not about all the other stuff.

But I also want to give a shout out to Wes and Don for the work they put in every week in keeping our church clean. It is a tremendous honor having both of them, and others, who have taken a sense of pride in this place God has given to us. And this is no small feat that they accomplish.

I also want to give a shout out to all those who are greeters, hosts, and ushers, because it’s your smiles, it’s your warm and heartfelt greetings, and friendliness that set the tone for those who enter here to worship.

And I don’t ever want to forget those who sacrificially give in our children’s and youth ministry. Who take care of and teach our little ones, and not so little ones, the truth of God’s word for their lives, and who they are in Christ.

And so, for all of those who help clean, greet, host, usher, and care for the children and youth; you are why a lot of people have come back, and many who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, which is the real reason why we gather together. It is to worship and thank God for the wonderful gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, and to hear His word, will, and way for our lives.

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