Summary: John's Revelation reveals our Risen King to us in various word picture descriptions!

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Our Risen King: A Global Savior

Revelation 7:9-17


The International Space Station posted a picture of Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas a few days ago. Stunning images - a view of the Earth that we could never have from our perspective with feet on the ground.

Our text today is a view of the Kingdom of God from a perspective we cannot see on our own. Today’s text presents a scene that causes sensory overload - amazing, spectacular, celestial vision of the glory of God and the Risen King. The Focus is on Jesus as Global Savior!

1. Jesus the Global Savior (9-12)

Worshiped by All People - A Global gathering (9). Without Number / Without Borders. Without Divisions or Loyalties. Wiersbe: “You cannot read the book of Revelation without developing a global outlook, for the emphasis is on what God does for people in the whole world… “Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature” was our Lord’s mandate.”

Standing before the Throne with. Palm Branches (Triumphal Entry - Hosanna). Loud Voices praising work of God and the Lamb. Verse 10

Worshiped by All Angels (11-12) In this text exploding with images we are given a vision of the global nature of the work of the Savior. God is not an American God; Christianity is global. We have brothers and sisters throughout the world who are gathering to worship our Risen King!

2. Jesus the Global Hope (13-15a)

The Ones in White Robes (13-15a). They came out of the tribulation / “ordeal” (NRSV). Problem: identifying future event as ‘great tribulation’ . Instead we should every age enduring a great ordeal for their faith. The underground church is thriving in China and other oppressive environments. Reliable reports suggest more Muslims have become followers of Jesus over the last two decades than in Islam's entire 1,500 year history.

“We Christians are wont to imagine that God’s job is to keep us and our loved ones safe from all harm. This mis-guided belief causes more lives of faith to crumble than any other that I have known…” ~ Dana Ferguson, Feasting on the Word.

Notice How Jesus has Brought Hope to the Persecuted

Washed in the blood of the Lamb (14). The tribulation left them beaten and bloody, but washing in the blood of Lamb makes them white.

Acts 22:16b “Get up, be baptized and wash your sins away, calling on his name.”

1 John 1:7 …the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

Christians have been persecuted for their faith find themselves righteous before throne. Stephen, the first Christian martyr among them. The apostles. Ancient and Modern martyrs. Every five minutes a Christian is martyred for their faith, more than 200 million followers around the world currently face persecution… in a

geographic sweep which extends across northern and western Africa, across the Middle East, throughout Asia and down into Indonesia.

They came out of the great tribulation - were not destroyed - but they live. What have you been through but still remain serving the Lord?

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