Summary: A Study in First Peter

What do we have that is of “Great Worth” to us?

I. “In this you greatly rejoice…” 1 Peter 1.6

A. Rejoice defined – verb, joy that springs up from the soul after careful thought

B. The paradox of Christian Joy.

C. Joy seen in the Bible:

1. It is a present joy

2. It is a joy from many sources

3. It is a joy with a strong foundation

II. The Christian’s trials

A. Notice it states, “a little while”

B. Notice is states, “may” or “if necessary” – Why?

1. Trials do serve a purpose. – Acts 14.22

2. Trials drive you to repentance – 1 Corinthians 11.30-32

3. Trials keep us from sins (hedge of thorns) – John 17

4. Trials humble us – 2 Corinthians 12.7-10

5. Trials help wean us from the world – Job 19.25-27

6. Trials help ‘prove’ us – Romans 5.3

7. Trials make us holy – John 16.33

8. Trials (sometimes) are discipline from God 1 Corinthians 11.30

9. Trials happen so that God will receive Glory – John 9.1-3*

III. Reasons to Rejoice in Trials and their purpose

A. If trials strengthen our faith – the application would be that trials and suffering burn away our self-reliance and promote reliance on God.

B. If trials help us look forward to the glory we will experience when Jesus comes to restore us – the application would be that trials and suffering teach s not to be so comfortable or dependent upon this life.

C. If trials prove us – the application would be trials and sufferings are the only way we can grow.

D. If trials help us resist worldly desires – the application would be trials and suffering help us see the futility of worldly desires so we can devote ourselves to God.

IV. So why 1 Peter 1.6-7?

A. Remember our troubles last only for a little while; our hope in Jesus is forever!

B. God is in the business of working in your life – to make you more like Jesus

C. The crowns we earn in the fire will be the very crowns we cast at the feet of Jesus.

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