Summary: Our we living the life God has called us to live.

Our Standard of Living

The standard of living refers to the quality and quantity of goods and services available to people, and the way these goods and services are distributed within a population. It is generally measured by standards such as income inequality, poverty rate, real (i.e. inflation adjusted) income per person. Other measures such as access and quality of health care, educational standards and social rights are often used as well.

The standard of living in the United States is one of the top 15 in the world by the standard economist measure of standard of living. Per capita income is high but also less evenly distributed than in most other developed countries; The right to an adequate standard of living encompasses several more specific rights, including the right to food, the right to health, the right to water, the right to necessary social services, the right to clothing, and the right to housing. It is the right to basic needs.

In the 1950s and 1960s, a working man could support a family at a middle-class standard of living with just one income. It might surprise you to learn that one person working full-time, even at minimum wage, can still support a family of four at that standard of living, but nowadays we call that "living in poverty." Quote of

How many of you eat out at least 1 time a week, 2 times or more. How many of you ate out 2 or more times a year Back then you considered eating out going over to grandmas house for lunch on Sunday after church. You see over the years we as society have raised our standard of living, but our government hasn’t. It is possible to live on one income if we are willing to live at the standards people lived at in the 1950’s. We have made a trade, we have said Both of us will work so we can give our kids the things we didn’t have. Unfortunately, this has come to pass. Yes, I said unfortunately. We are giving our children and ourselves far more in material possessions. But we are also giving our kids a lot more things now that parents didn’t give their kids in the 1950’s such as consecutive evenings home alone, ignoring their basic need for love and affection and attention, lack of discipline, the attitude of looking out for number one(and I’m not referring to God). When people say you have to look out for number one I think they are absolutely right! But your number one better be your God We have lowered of standards for a higher standard of living. Our government hasn’t changed our standard of living we have, by making our own decision on what is poverty. People in the 1950’s would gladly live on what we know view as below poverty level.

However, in the spiritual realm we have done just the opposite. Our governor(God Almighty) hasn’t lowered our standard of living, but we are on a down hill spiral as a society to dropping far below God’s standards. The church has lowered her standards because we have allowed corruption to creep into our leadership. The word leadership refers the ability to affect human behavior so as to accomplish a mission designated by the leader. The mission of our church leaders has been compromised. Our mission has gone from saving souls to building more successful churches. Only 1% of church growth today is from actual conversion. That sickens, alarms, and crushes me. We aren’t doing our job. If you only had a 1% success rate in car sales as a sales man you would be fired very quickly. Dan Tucker. . Subtle changes that were brought about in the churches have lead to where we are today. The divorce rate, pornography, sexual sins, lying, stealing, drugs, alcohol, and addictions in general, it is the same in the church as it is in the world. We in the church are just better at hiding it than the world is, because for the most part we don’t want people in the church judging us like we sit and watch them judge others. We embrace sinners, but the moment they are saved we expect them to be perfect and if they aren’t then they are looked down upon. Why would Sister Jane Doe tell you she has a problem with shop lifting during one of your prayer meetings when she has heard you being so critical of the sinner who lives down the street who doesn’t report the extra money she‘s making on the side to the welfare dept because if she does she‘ll lose her benefits. Do you think Jane believes that your going to be understanding with her and love her with an agape love? Critical and judgmental spirits are killing the love of God. We must be honest with our selves and one another. We have no right to judge the sins of our fellow man when we ourselves have not yet attained. However, we do have a responsibility educate them to the truth to them in love. Our duty to educate them should not be motivated by the thoughts of “If I can tell them what they are doing wrong then maybe they will finally get themselves straightened up and won’t make such a fool of themselves. No it must be motivated by the fact that Jesus Christ loved them enough to die for them so that they could be reconciled to him, and yet they still haven’t come home and God must be missing them so much. You see when a child goes missing what are two things that motivate people who don’t know the child or the parents to go out and help look for them? #1 - The compassion they have for a hurt, sad, lonely, and lost child. #2 - The compassion they have for the parents who must be going out of their mind not knowing when or if that child will ever come home again. Our father has a bunch of hurt, sad, lonely and lost children out there and he has requested our help in finding them. Will you help? Will you sacrifice some of your comfort, your time, your finances, your pride, and your heart to help your father? I want you to image that you get a call saying your brother has gone missing. What would your response be? We’ll you know it makes my back hurt to do a lot of walking to I probably won’t be able to help with the search party. Well I have to work to provide a living for my family and I just can’t spare the time. You know I just don’t have any extra finances to give for making missing person posters. You don’t expect me to come down to that part of town and walk the streets knocking on peoples doors asking if they have seen my brother do you? We’ll you know he did a lot of mean things to me when I was a kid. Of course you wouldn’t dream of saying any of those things. But have we said those things to God? I know this isn’t an easy message, but in order for the corruption to move out and us to move on into the world there must be some change. We can not continue in the path in which we have taken. So how do we reverse this problem? In much the same way. We begin to allow God’s standards to creep out into the world. To look at this problem as a whole it seems impossible to fix, but let me remind you we serve a God for whom nothing is impossible

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