Summary: Living our Christian Life on our own turms

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5 Defining Moments

Our Titanic Crossroads

Eph. 2:12-13


It is difficult to understand why the owners and builders named this ship Titanic. The Titans were a mythological race who came to believe they’d conquered nature, who thought they’d achieved power and learning greater than Zeus himself, to their ultimate ruin. He smote the strong and daring Titans with thunderbolts; and their final abiding place was in some limbo beneath the lowest depths, a sunless abyss below Hades.

—From an editorial in the Belfast Morning News, June 1, 1911

Titanic’s Grandure

- To make the 1997 Titanic Movie- $200

Earning $1.8 billion

- To Build the Titanic Ship- $7.3 Million

- April 9, 1912 - Titanic was on her maiden voyage

- The Worlds largest man-made movable object

- The longest ship ever built - over 4 city blocks in length

- Almost 3 football fields long

- It had anchors weighing 15.5 tons each, just one link in the anchor chains weighed 175#!

- Passenger capacity of 3,500

- No ship had ever epitomized luxury as did this one: tennis courts - gymnasiums - squash courts - ball rooms (5 grand pianos on board!)

- The first ever built with a swimming pool on board

- Even elevators. That was quite something in 1912! Elevators! But NOT - enough life boats!!

- The ship had a double bottom with inch thick steel separated by 5 to 6’ thick space

- 16 water tight compartments held her 50,000 hp engines

- 2,207 aboard --only 705 survived -- 1502 souls perished with the ship!

- “In times past” - Eph 2: 2, 3, 11

Eph 2:12 - That at that time ye were

Who’s Who on the Titanic

- There was no ship that ever sailed that gave her passengers more confidence--more real security

- First Class State Room one way ticket

$4, 000.00 - Today = $65-75,000

- Dubbed “The Millionaire Special”

- The combined wealth of the passengers was $500 million

John Astor

Worth $150 million Inventor helped to develop the turbine engine & Real Estate broker - built the Astoria Hotel, New York City - Colonel during the Spanish-American War He put his personal

yacht at the disposal of the U.S. government

- Returning from Egypt with his new 19 year old bride on their

extended honeymoon which had scandalized NY

- Left his suite to investigate the accident , he quickly returned and

reported to his wife that the ship had struck ice. He reassured her that the damage did not appear serious. As his wife boarded a lifeboat, Astor asked if he could accompany her, due to her "delicate condition" She was pregnant

- Astor then threw his gloves to his wife, and lit a cigarette. He and

his dog were last seen on deck. -- He was 47

Benjamin Guggenheim,

- On board with his new mistress

- $95 million from mining & Smelting

Dressed in formal evening attire, at approximately two o’clock in the morning of April 15, 1912, Guggenheim and his valet sat in chairs on the deck, sipping brandy and smoking cigars while the Titanic sank.

- He was spoiled, arrogant, willful -- and determined to live life his own way

- He was famous for these comments made while the liner was

about to go down: "We’ve dressed in our best, and are prepared to go down like gentlemen." He later said to a steward: "Tell my wife I did my best in doing my duty."

- He was 46 years old.

Isadoore Strauss,

- Owner of Macy s department store

- $50 million

- Ida reportedly would not leave Isidor and refused to get in a lifeboat. They both died

Jay Ismay

- Was part owner of the Titanic and managing director of the White Start Company $40 million - 50 yrs old

- Ismay had the most luxurious suite on board the Titanic

- Ordered the Titanic to go faster to break crossing records

- During the sinking, Ismay boarded a lifeboat before all the women and children had been evacuated from the ship, an act that would haunt him for the rest of his life. In doing so, he left his own (female) secretary still on board.

Billy Carter extremely wealthy

- He boarded Titanic with a very fancy 25 horsepower Renault automobile and two dogs, all of which were lost with the sinking of the ship.

- He abandoned his wife and children that night leaving them to fend for themselves. He was the only other male with Ismay

- He later insisted that the White Star Line ought to repay him for his losses.Major Archibald Butt,

- Military aide to President Taft

- 45 yr.

- Died in aiding others to board lifeboats

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