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Summary: “He was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became as white as the light” Matt. 17:2.

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Matt. 17:1-9 Theme: Our transfigured Lord

Text: Ex. 24:12-18; 2 Pet. 1:16-21; Matt. 17:1-9

Today 6th March is Ghana’s 54th Independence anniversary. No one doubts the date, even those less than 54 years, because there were many witnesses to this important event. There is another event testified to by witnesses that is not only important but has eternal consequences, the transfiguration of Christ. The transfiguration followed the conversation between Christ and His disciples about who He is. After hearing the various answers, He asked the disciples directly who they believed he is. Peter had a revelation from God and answered correctly. His behaviour afterwards indicated that he did not really understand what he had said so Jesus took three of them to the mountain where they became witnesses of the divinity of our transfigured Lord.

The glorified appearance of Christ gave the disciples a clear visual evidence of the divinity of Jesus. According to the Scriptures, Jesus' divine nature was "veiled" in human form (Hebrews 10:20) and at the transfiguration, He lifted the veil for the disciples to see His divine nature. The transfiguration was also a visible sign of His power. In His transfigured form, Christ met with Moses and Elijah. The Scriptures indicate that Moses died and God buried him whereas Elijah went to heaven alive. Yet Christ met and talked with them. He literally met and talked with the living and the dead from another realm. Moses and Elijah were the two greatest prophets in the Old Testament – Moses represented the Law and Elijah the prophets. Moses delivered Israel out of bondage to Egypt and Elijah delivered them from bondage to false gods. Jesus, however, would deliver them from bondage to sin and death. Their appearance and their sudden disappearance leaving Jesus alone showed Jesus as the fulfilment of both the Old Testament Law and the prophetic promises and that the Old Covenant had given way to the New.

Who is Jesus? God the Father tells us that Jesus is His Son. The transfiguration was not only a revelation of the divinity of Christ but was also a revelation of the promised kingdom of God. It was the Father’s way of encouraging the Son. As God spoke to encourage His Son at His baptism before the beginning of His ministry, He now speaks to encourage Him before the end of His earthly ministry as He made His way to Jerusalem to suffer a very painful death. The transfiguration showed the Father’s approval of everything Jesus had done and was about to do. Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God? No other person can manifest the glory of God unless that is God.

The transfiguration is a confirmation of the prophetic word that Jesus Christ is Lord as every true prophecy comes from God. The whole Bible is a prophecy about the Lordship of Christ. Peter, James and John, the inner circle of the Disciples of Christ stood as human witnesses to the divinity and glory of Jesus Christ. They witnessed the evidence that Jesus Christ was who He claimed to be.

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