Summary: The opening salutation or address in the Letter to the Ephesians reveals the uniqueness of the divine/believer relationship.

Our Uniqueness as a Believer

Scripture: Ephesians 1:1-2

Theme: Our standing in God.

Focus: Our uniqueness as a Believer

Point: If we do not see and know who we are as Believer in Christ Jesus, we will not expect anything more than just a church-going-lifestyle.

Illustration: We can take an old worn out vehicle and remake it into something that looks new and usable. God can do the same with our lives.


Paul and his Letter to the Ephesians.

His situation in Ephesus.

The Spirit of God working through Paul two thousand years ago to give us God’s message for today.

1. Who was Paul?

Name change



Who are you? Ontology, Epistemology

What did God do for you in your conversion experience?

Wholeness, Complete, Perfected: Ontology/Epistemology/ Tabernacle

The will of God

2. Our Standing in Christ is Unique

Saints and Believers and Christians

Holy, Trusting, Followers of Christ

We have been prepared and equipped to follow Christ: Ontology/ Espistemology

Faithful/Believers/People of Faith/Trust: Epistemology

In Christ Jesus

3. Standing Benefits for the Believer

What flows from the Cross/God the Father and Jesus Christ: Grace and Peace

Why do we need grace?

Grace is the presence of Jesus. Grace establishes our relationship to God. Jesus is who and what holds our world together.

Why do we need peace?

Grace provides a spiritual covering: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience

Peace is a spiritual essence that stabilizes our Mind

If there is no peace in our heart/soul/Mind, we come confused and distraught and disorientated

Conclusion: The uniqueness of Paul’s opening addresses: the believer, the Father, Jesus; no Holy Spirit. Our focus is directed toward the living resurrected Jesus Christ.


Paul’s opening statement in the Letter to the Ephesians identifies who the Christian is. The Christian becomes a Christian who acknowledges that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. In that spiritual new birth experience, wherein the individual moves from a state of death to a state of living, the believer’s spiritual eyes and ears are opened, so that they can now see the reality and context of their life as being engulfed in the presence of God and His kingdom.

In the new birth experience the individual is restored to wholeness, completeness, and perfection. That restoration involves the triune God being restored to our inner being. The individual is not “whole,” until the fullness of God is restored to that life.

Life now takes on a new dimension. Everything in the spiritual realm is measured by earthly standards and goals. Now that the believer has moved into the spiritual realm of God’s kingdom everything is measured by spiritual/heavenly standards and goals. The spiritual/heavenly standards/goals take precedent over the earthly/physical standards/goals.

The relationship of the divine/believer in Christ Jesus allows one to live in the context of the message in the Bible. It is a life of believing and trusting the word of the living God. This new life requires a continuous educational process of learning how to live and walk in a new dimension of life. Many of the principles that govern our earthly/physical life will give enlightenment to the principles that govern our spiritual/heavenly life.

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