Summary: Even when overwhelmed; the child of God can remember the Lord and call upon Him.


Text: Jonah 2:7

Introduction: We, as Jonah, may be tossed and battered by the sea of life. Unexplainable conditions, confusing situations, and apparent impossibilities tend to swallow us.

Theme: Even when overwhelmed; the child of God can remember the Lord and call upon Him--"Then Jonah prayed..." 2:1.

I. We Sometimes Faint.

A. (2:7a) "When my soul fainted [was overwhelmed]

within me..."

B. life’s sucker punches

C. Lord’s sobering proceses

D. Lucifer’s sinister plans

E. illustration: Hee-Haw TV show: "Gloom, Despair,

Agony on me--Deep Dark Depression,

Excessive Misery!

II. Even A Fainting Soul Can Remember God.

A. Jonah 2:7a, "...I remembered the Lord:..."

1. Jonah remembered the Lord.

2. Some Christians seem to have amnesia.

B. Jonah remembered.

C. Peter remarked, "..there is none other name

under heaven given among men, whereby we must

be saved [delivered](Acts 4:12).

D. Samson remembered and asked the Lord to

remember him.

1. Judges 16:28 - "...Samson called [*] unto

the Lord, and said, O Lord God, remember

me, I pray thee, only this once, O God,

that I may be at once avenged of the

Philistines for my two eyes."

2. * called = summoned to help

3. His carnal eyes out; he could see what

really counted; i.e., a good relationship

with God!

E. We are to remember that the Lord

1. saves and delivers

2. strengthens (Isa. 41:10, 13)

3. supplies

4. secures

a. our heavenly home

b. our victories

5. satisfies--Ps. 107:9, "For he satisfieth

[Heb. saba, satiate, have enough, abun-

dance],... and filleth the hungry soul with


III. The Prayer of a Fainting Soul Goes to the

Holy Temple.

A. 2:7b - "...and my prayer came to thee,

into thy holy temple."

B. Rev. 5:8

C. Our prayers are a sweet fragrance before


D. In the heavenly, holy temple there is-

1. power

2. presence (essence and shekinah of God)

3. performance

a. God is able.

b. able to keep that which has been

commited unto Him (2 Tim. 1:12)

4. permance - He abides

a. in the calling

b. in the ship

c. in the great fish

d. in the sea

e. in the sermon and the witness

Conclusion: We have observed that we sometimes

faint/become overwhelmed in the

Christian walk. Even a fainting

soul can remember God. As with Jonah,

so with us, the prayer of a fainting

soul goes to the Holy Temple.

It is imperative to trust in the Lord

for encouragement, strength, and appro-

priate supply for every situation.

Our Lord will bring us out of the

depths of despair into the depths of

Heaven’s resources.

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