Summary: A story of a Turkey and an Eagle There is so much more to experience folks! Every time I read the book of Acts I realise that.

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Jul 29, 2006

An eagle chick got thrown out of its nest as a very young eaglet. A farmer found the chick and decided to give it to a mother Turkey on his farm who raised it.

As the young Eagle grew it behaved just like all the other Turkeys. It ate grain, it lived in a small enclosure and it didn’t fly, because Turkeys don’t fly well.

As time went by the young Eagle began to flap his wings a lot, much to the consternation of the others in the compound! Then one day a strong wind blew just as the Eagle spread his wings. The wind caught the young eagle’s wings and lifted him out of the compound into the open spaces. Well the uproar from the compound was very loud, causing the Farmer to come running. The farmer said, Ï wondered how long it would be before you discovered the truth. After all you are an eagle! You are designed to soar high in the sky!

He took the young eagle to a high ridge and as the wind blew the eagle again spread his wings. Soon he was flying and he went higher and higher into the heavens where he belonged. He had discovered his true home.

As Christians we are designed to live in the supernatural realm. To soar in the spirit and to fellowship in the heavens. But often we just live in the turkey pen.

We can’t see beyond our experience in the natural. If it hasn’t happened in the Turkey pen then it just doesn’t happen. If anyone tries to tell me different I just won’t believe him. After all this is how its been in the Turkey pen for generations. We eat till we can’t eat any more. Good wholesome grains, we feed ourselves most mornings. Sometimes in the evening we go to other pens and get more grain, On Sundays we go to the big pen with all the others, and we get extra helpings of good grain. Wow we are so full we can hardly walk now! But that’s how it’s meant to be. Lots and lots of good wholesome grain.

Suddenly we feel the gentle breeze on our shoulders or in our face and we love the experience. Sometimes it just feels like we could take off and fly into the heavens. But then we remember we are just Turkeys. Most of the time the others in the pen remind us who we are. Earth bound, grain eating, fat big flightless birds.

The Farmer wants to take us out to the ridge! It’s not so comfortable out there so not many go out. But when they do they seem to be transformed forever!

There is so much more to experience folks! Every time I read the book of Acts I realise that.

Angels working with the saints to see the job done. transportation and transformation. As we begin to see into the Spiritual we suddenly see a whole lot of wonders going on in front of us. Also we notice that there are a whole lot of other eagles as well. When eagles gather things happen! Out there on the ridge.

When the Apostle Thomas entered India he came upon a group of Brahman priests in a lake throwing water in the air as an offering to their god. Thomas said to them "It appears to me that your god is not hearing you, or is not interested in your offering, because if he was a true god he would receive your offering, it would not come down again" Angry they said, "Well if your God is able to receive this same offering then we will believe your God is the true God. So Thomas entered the water and threw water in the air, the water remained in the air like a pillar and immediately the Brahmans believed and were baptised. These 18 families were the start of the Church in India. They went from Turkey pen to heavenly realm in a few minutes.

The impact of this eagle like Christianity is far reaching; when I go to India I meet people whose families have been Christian for nearly 1950 years. In Sydney recently I met an Indian man from Kerala who with his wife are returning to the Land as missionaries. His family have been in the Lord for nearly 48 generations. Don’t tell me that getting out of the pen is not a good idea!

The thing about living in a dusty pen is that grit gets in our eyes and we fail to see beyond our experience.

There is a world to win for Jesus! And without the (Farmer) Father taking us to the ridge so that the wind (Holy Spirit) can lift us to heights to truly see Jesus in all his Glory seated in heavenly places, we will struggle as big fat turkeys fit only for the table!

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