Summary: The Great Commission is "to make disciples." "Going," "baptizing," and teaching explain "make disciples." Yet this is a neglected area in our day. What does it mean to make disciples? How is it done? What does it have to do with outreach/evangelism?


- The COMMAND: Make disciples

I. What this text tells us about making disciples

A. It’s not easy, v. 18. (Only by God’s grace)

B. What are the ingredients for discipleship?

1. "going" - connecting

2. "baptizing" - converting

3. "teaching" - completing

II. What’s involved in Teaching?

A. Matthew 28:20 tells us:

1. "all things"- the lessons to learn are extensive!

2. "that I have commanded you" - the content of this learning is found in the Scripture.

3. "and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." -

Apart from the grace of God in Jesus Christ that which He expects from us is within the realm of the impossible.

B. We have several examples of discipleship.

1. rabbinical discipleship

2. Jesus’ discipleship

3. The apostles’ discipleship

- Illustration: Micah’s discipleship at Victory Ministries

C. What then should we conclude about discipleship?

1. It is teaching.

2. It involves real learning.

a. by doing

b. in relationship with the discipler

c. It takes a lot of time.

3. Everyone should and can be involved in discipleship.

a. One spends time and learns from another he or she looks up to spiritually.

b. One spends time with someone else for mutual encouragement and growth.

c. Multiplication is a must! (Disciples make disciples... 2Tim 2:2)


What does this mean to you and me personally?

What does this mean for our church?

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