Summary: The little things that we do for the Lord are larger than the world

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Romans 12: 21

The high priest of the morning wants everybody to gather around to give an account of their deeds. Make Jesus confess all that you do well for the high priest. The glory is with Jesus and he wants to see it in your account. The will to be with those who are over comers, maybe you’re in a country where Jesus is from and the country means, that it responds to Jesus. If you’re far away from the will of God and most of us are, come back home, let your need for him grow into an empire built upon a rock.

There is room, and he wants you to come as you are to decorate the office that he has just for you. Jesus has been waiting for such a long time just for you and me. He knows all about our weeping

Friends will turn not intentionally on you, but they will because Jesus showed us this, quit telling all your secrets to friends but tell them to your high priest. Get to know your high priest, in heart, Jesus has some special things for you; they might seem small but they are larger than the world.

And only Jesus has the power to move them from one place to another. Jesus, our inheritance, he wants to come closer to us when we rejoice. He will teach us how to wait and how to set our feet down on solid ground, set your temple and character on solid ground. The empire that you dreamed of you can have it if you doubt not, but only believe and small things grow larger than the world

Having the same understanding about faith in the father that Jesus has in him, ask for permission, if you ask for permission to be who you are in Christ Jesus; you want have the same mind toward others as the worlds does. Christians ought not to ask each other may I pray for you; in secret, we ought to just do it. Jesus teaches you and me that we should always pray and not faint; to stand fast in the liberty of the spirit of God is always larger than the world.

And being on the receiving side is not better than being on the giving side, now, that’s having the same mind as Jesus did.

As Jesus goes through the corn field pushing back the branches on the Sabbath day; Jesus shows us that life will bend you but if you stay focus in Jesus you will return back to the normal position. Christians have to bend or we might become ignorant of his love. To know that Jesus is love all the time; we have to allow him to bend us. Pray to God that you don’t break when he pushes the branches back when he passes by. It’s time to snap back into position and pray for those who break; Jesus wants us to be strong in his love and justice and the liberty that is in him for us all.

We need Jesus to carry the weight of the world; eluding sinful works is too much on your own. It’s a hard row to hoe. Many are still puzzled about things that Jesus taught us. About the path, he laid down for us. Before the devils intercept it, there was light in Adam and Eve’s heart. Things are going to get worse. God tells us to resist the devil and he will flee. Fill your life with as much of Jesus as you can while you can, because the evil things that the world are going to do to us if you’re not prayed up in the lord you’re going to recompense it back.

And if you do recompense evil for evil make sure you ask God for forgiveness

God wants to forgive us; it is not his will that any of us should perish but that all may come to repentance.

I repent everyday because I see how short I fall, and I want to change but I know that I cannot change on my own, and you cannot change own your own. Change starts with Jesus and only him

Serving the lord is easy; you might not want to go to bible study every time the door is open; you might not want to go to church every Sunday but if you go sometime when you don’t want to that’s when you get blessed. When you learn this secret, you found the understanding of the will of God about good things are in the moments when we don’t want to serve the lord but we do it anyway.

And if you choose to do other things over bible study one night, don’t let Satan condemn your heart. Wherever you go make sure you have a good time, and confess it to the lord

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