Summary: Just like in the life of David, obstacles will come our way, but how will we overcome our obstacles and struggles, the giants of our lives?


I SAMUEL 17: 41-51

JANUARY 14, 2001

INTRODUCTION: What was your New Years Resolution? Congregational response: New Years Resolutions are really about overcoming Life struggles/Life Obstacles. Church Struggles are just the same. They are opportunities to overcome.

TRANSITION THOUGHT: Just like in the life of David, obstacles will come our way, but how will we overcome our obstacles and struggles, the giants of our lives?

THESIS SENTENCE: God gives the ability to overcome all obstacles.


I. STANDING ALONE (VV. 26-37& 43)

A. The Champion: Goliath of Gath, a Philistine.

1. Goliath stood alone. He was not intimidated by another army. His confidence was in his ability to fight.

2. It did not hurt that the text says he was nine feet tall and that his armor that weighed 125lbs. It adds that the head of his spear weighed 15lbs.

3. It would be easy to stand alone if you were “ALL THAT.”

4. To prove that he was all that, he taunted the Israelite army for 40 days, begging them to send someone down to fight him!

B. The challenger: David the son of Jesse, the youngest son.

1. David was a boy! He was a shepherd, not a soldier.

2. David was actually the food and news bearer of the father, Jesse.

3. David assesses all that was going on [vv. 23 – 27 (especially note verse 26)] 4. David volunteers for battle.


1. Goliath

2. David (his youth and seemingly inexperience)


a. His brother, Eliab, the eldest. (vv. 28)

b. The King (vv. 33)

c. Goliath (vv. 41-44)

BLT: When the King of Israel and all his Army would not stand up to the Giant, David Stood alone.

D. Standing alone is never easy. It calls us to rise above the status quo and with confidence venture out where others fear to go.




A. You need armor to fight a giant?

1. Saul look at this defenseless little boy and thought to himself, “He is gonna get killed. What will his father say? What will his brothers think? What will the army think of a King who sends out a child to fight a giant?”

2. Saul’s response to his delima was simple, “I must protect him with all I have to cover myself. Maybe the giant won’t be able to kill him through all that armor.” 3. Saul’s armor didn’t quite fit.

B. David wouldn’t ware what didn’t fit him.

1. He tried it on for size and it was not comfortable.

2. David went with what he knew and with what was comfortable to him. 3. David did not try to be something he was not! He was not a soldier! He was a shepherd.

4. He didn’t need armor to fight bears and lions (vv. 34-36).

BLT: When we try to be who we are not, we stiffle the very plan of God. We slow down what God wants to do weigh ourselves down with things that don’t fit us. What are you wearing in your life that doesn’t fit you? How might you be hindering your ability to fight by over taxing yourself with things that just aren’t you? D. Wearing what fits will require us to be honest with ourselves and confident with who we are.

1. We must know what fits.

2. We must know what doesn’t fit, even if we have to try it on!




A. Goliath saw David for who he was.

1. Goliath saw David as a boy, and a cute one at that.

a. Pink Cheeked in the Hebrew.

b. Handsome, probably cute as children can be.

2. Goliath despised the fact that a boy would come to fight in a man’s battle. B. The King was afraid! (vv. 11)

1. “On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul… dismayed and terrified.

2. Saul was a head and shoulders tall than all the Israelites around him. He was a great warrior and now King. He had been anointed by God through Samuel to rule Israel. Why was he afraid?

C. The entire Army of Israel was afraid.

1. “On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites were dismayed and terrified.

2. Had they not seen God deliver them from the hands of many foes? Had God not fought with them?

3. Why Were they dismayed and Terrified?

D. David had a different perspective.

1. David did not see himself as Goliath saw him.

2. David did not see Goliath as Saul and the Army saw him.

3. The King and Army saw Goliath as to big to Hit. David saw Goliath as to big to miss!

4. All of Israel was intimidated by this bully, but David refused to let fear control him. VERSE 48 SAYS, “AS THE PHILISTINE MOVED CLOSER TO ATTACK HIM, DAVID RAN QUICKLY TOWARD THE BATTLE LINE TO MEET HIM.”

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