Summary: An Acrostic message. Hopefully, this will help you to remember the key points. We will be spelling the word, "Praise." The means by which God has given to us to defeat the evil in this world is with our "praise."

Read Genesis 45:1-15

Joseph had a "right" to be angry. His ten brothers had thrown him into a horrible pit and

sold him into slavery. Can you imagine how Joseph must have felt when he heard his

brothers denouncing him as a "dreamer," and wanting him dead. For nearly twenty years

Joseph lived with the horrible memory of his brothers hatred. This message illustrates how

God gave Joseph the grace to go on with his life. He became "better" and not "bitter."

How do you handle offenses?

Most people become bitter. That is why they drop out of life. That is why they continue

on in their sin. They believe it is their “right” to be angry. They have been slapped and they

choose to slap back. Read today’s text . God had gave Joseph and entirely different


Here is a simple Acrostic message. Hopefully, this will help you to remember the key

points. We will be spelling the word, "Praise." The only means that we have in defeating

the evil in this world is with our "praise."

How to Respond?

P lace it in God’s hands.

Our trials are to big for us. There is nothing humanly that Joseph could do when his ten

brethren had betrayed him into slavery. His hands were tied, but his heart was not. We are

to cast our cares upon the Lord. A verse that I often quote when I feel that I have been

treated unfairly is "God is my record..." (Phil. 1:8) Just knowing that God knows brings

me great comfort.

R emember who you are.

We are clay. God is molding us for his purpose. God’s goal for each of us is to be made

into the image of his Son. That will take some doing. God uses the trials and temptations

of our lives to highlight our greatest asset... his grace!

Another statement that I often repeat to myself when trials come my way is this, "I

deserve Hell, and any thing better than Hell is better than I deserve" People become bitter

because they think that they deserve better. That is a lie. We need to remember who we

are. Whatever we are to have, and whatever we are to become, is granted to us on the

basis of the "grace of God."

A maze your world.

Can you imagine the look of amazement on the faces of Joseph’s brothers when he forgave

them. Read again this text in Genesis 45. Can’t you just hear the love in the voice of

Joseph? Shock your world! When slapped on the cheek, turn your cheek. It was from a

cruel cross, that Jesus said, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

I dentify with Christ.

You are being treated unfairly? You are in good company, so was Christ! If we are to gain

the benefits of knowing Christ, are we not willing to bear his cross? If we are to climb to

the mountain top, we need to do so by going the way of the cross.

S eek to win the lost.

Joseph found his true purpose in life in Genesis 45. He was to bring about "salvation" to

his family. All of the cruel events that brought him to Egypt came upon him so that he

could bring about a message of "deliverance." There were yet five years of famine ahead.

Joseph had a message of hope. He would save them.

Life is not a matter of collecting toys. We are in a harvest. This harvest is for the harvest

of souls. The lost people of this world are headed for an eternal Hell. God has put us into

a position to win them for Christ. Light shines best in darkness.

E valuate everything in the light of eternity.

Joseph was a dreamer. He could see the big picture. God has a plan. "All things do work

together for the good." (Rom. 8:28) One day we will be able to say, "Goodness and

mercy have followed us all the days of our life." (Psalm 23) One day you will see it all

from the view point of the mountain top.

Conclusion: Choose to let the trials of your life help you to become a "Better" person not

a "Bitter" person. You will be better for it, and so will everyone around you!

P R A I S E !

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