Summary: This message deals on how to overcome every human weaknesses that often times becomes channels for yielding into trials to sin against the Lord Almighty God.

Ministering: Evang. Murphy Amos.

Topic: You can overcome every sinful weaknesses.

Text: "But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you" Romans 8:11 KJV.


Our weaknesses are part of us, as everyone of us have one, but it also remains a major channel for the testing of our faith through trials and temptations. When we don't know how to control and overcome our weaknesses, we stand the risk of cheaply falling into temptations to commit all manner of sins. Human weaknesses are natural challenges that must be gracefully overcome and not adopt as an excuse to sin.

Our weaknesses presents us for who we really are on the natural, broken jars and clays in the presence of our Creator and Potter who seeks our daily submission so that He will mould us from our brokenness and weaknesses to fulfil His divine purpose. Jeremiah 18:9.


A Christian mother once shared this story that has forever changed my life and helped me to overcome almost every weaknesses that were before now major concerns to me.

It was about a preacher, an Evangelist just as I am, who preached a very powerful message on a travelling bus, his message was Spirit filled in that before he finished preaching almost everybody on the travelling bus were weeping and asking God for forgiveness and to show them mercy, while several of them willingly surrendered their life to Christ. Many blessed God for his life and prayed to God for greater grace upon his life.

After the message, not long, they got to a certain junction were someone was to alight the bus, the preacher was seating next to the door and had to come down to make way for the passenger that wants to alight, upon seeing the stopping bus, a young sachet water hawker who was drinking a sachet of water in the hot afternoon rushed to sell her water, but incidentally spilled the water she was drinking on the suit of the young evangelist, and immediately he slapped her out of anger.


The unexpected reaction from the evangelist immediately turned the tide against his message and person, as everyone from the same bus started abusing and criticising him, until he shamefully alighted the bus on his bus-stop perhaps.

Zig Ziglar forewarned that, "Don't do something permanently stupid just because you're temporarily upset."

"Anointing without character is a cheap passage to access the land of failure." Evang Murphy Amos.


The woman also shared another story of a young Christian girl who had prostitutes living within her neighborhood, and she would constantly pray and preach to them about Christ and the need for the salvation of their souls. So it happened that on a certain day as she approached a prostitute to preach to her, the lady got angry perhaps because she had a very bad day and was frustrated, so she attacked the Christian girl and started beating her up.

Funny enough, it wasn't as if by their sizes, if they were to fight the prostitute would defeat the Christian girl, but the prostitute was mercilessly beating her up because she refused to fight back, she was down on the floor and taking all the punches and slaps until people who were passing by the scene intervened to stop the prostitute. Seeing the size of the Christian girl, one of them angrily questioned her why she was so weak and afraid that, she can't stand to fight her fellow girl?

But the Christian girl replied, "I am not weak or afraid of her, I can't fight her back and it is because my hands are nailed to the cross".


Oh my gosh! These words hit my heart as a piercing nail, and has forever shaped my life.

From these story I formed a little quote that I have used to address all the misunderstanding and disagreements in my day to day interpersonal relationship with all calibre of persons, and this little quote is, "I am not weak when I choose to let go for the sake of peace".

Because I take both my weaknesses and offences and nail them to the cross.

I want every believer to engrave these words, "I have nailed it to the cross", on his or her heart. Imagine someone got you angry and instead of negatively reacting you say to yourself, I have nailed you to the cross you spirit of anger, or your having strong feelings of lust and sexual immoralities and you say consciously to your body, I have nailed you to the cross, so trouble me no more because I bear in my body the mark of Christ, I assure you that you will find it easy rather than difficult to gracefully overcome the temptation of your weaknesses.

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Mofiya Amos

commented on Aug 4, 2018

I hope this message blessed and encouraged someone in the Lord.

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