Summary: faith

The Bible says whatsoever is born of God has the capability of overcoming. This capability is what the bible calls faith. In other words, there is the overcoming faith inherent in every believer. You have the power to dominate resident in you.

I have discovered that everyman has three basic need in life:

· The need to believe

· The need to belong

· The need to become

If there is anything for which man is working day and night, it would not be outside of these three. No one living lives without having something to believe. You are called a LIVING BEING because you BELIEVE TO LIVE. Everybody that is alive has the need to believe and that is why a lot of theories, philosophies and what have you. Soothsayers, diviners, star gazers all have a full day because man is constantly looking for something to believe. The heart of man cannot function without having something to feed it with, and that is thought. When a man makes a living by what he believes, that man is said to be exercising faith. Faith, simply put, is acting on what one believes.

Overcoming faith therefore could be defined as the ‘believe a man has and that is he’s ready to die for’. Hebrews 11:1: Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. The word evidence talks about a root, dependence, something to lean on. Therefore it says faith is leaning on something you are hoping for and it’s the proof you have to show for that which you have not seen.

People often ask you for your credit card or bank statement before they transact any business with you. Would the credit facilities show them the money you have physically? No! They’re only a proof to show that you have something somewhere..

It is not all that profess to have faith really do have it. Some take customs and traditions for faith. Romans 4:16: It says there that following customs and tradition will not make you obtain the promise.

Remember Elisha’s servant, even with the rod of Elisha in his hands could not bring the dead boy back to life. He probably must have done everything he had seen Elisha did with the rod yet no result. It simply tells us that it is the power that a man possesses that makes things work for him and this power is a function of his faith.

Faith does not work with tradition and customs. As a matter of fact, faith will always disengage every tradition and custom to function. Tradition says ’this is how it has always been done’ while faith says ‘this is how God wants it done now’.

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