Summary: Week 2 of not meeting and believing we will overcome by not letting fear destroy us.

March 29, 2020

Overcoming Fear

Well, I started out with not too many notes today

And I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not so good a thing for you. You see, the length of my message might = the length of my notes, which means we’re done sooner. But then again, I might get a little long winded, which never happens, and I might go on for a bit, and the good news - - - you won’t miss out on your seat at the buffet.

Ultimately, I want you to hear some words of hope and encouragement. I’m going to spend some time talking about us and the church, as it relates to the coronavirus. I’ve dropped the sermon series I was doing ... about the purpose of our lives and then the purpose of the church.

Which as much as I don’t want that to take a back seat, and the fact that this is all part of our purpose according to God’s amazing plan . . . I believe we are realizing part of our purpose is to go through a time like this and just maybe we are being forced as a church to discover some new ways of doing church and our purpose in that process.

You know what they say are the 7 last words of the church - - -


Did you know that’s really 8 words. Some useless knowledge for the day is that WE’VE is a contraction of 2 words, so it should count as 2 words. See, aren’t you glad you’re here?

What I have learned is that we can never say those words again! The next time we think of something new for the church, don’t say it . . . Because I’m not buying it!!!

Who would have thought we would be doing church online and nobody would be coming and attending worship on Sunday mornings? Some days, I’m not even sure what day of the week it is. You with me?

So . . . in some ways, this is a great time for the church. If we can go and proclaim Jesus, not by being in someone’s face, well, that’s kind of illegal right now. But you know what I mean. How can we learn during this time to be Jesus for someone who desperately needs some hope and some Jesus in their lives.

So . . . today, I want to spend a little time looking at who we’re called to be in Christ.

RIGHT now there is so much fear out there. One friend, who lives in another state, told me the county commissioner where he lives said there were 6 cases of the corona virus in their county. Then the commissioner added, “in reality, there are probably 200. Just some people will never report it because they don’t get that sick from it.” So, it’s scary. We’re afraid to go to the grocery store, to touch door knobs, to handle cash, to bump into someone on accident in the store . . . and that list can go on and on. I’ve seen people do some pretty crazy things on the positive and negative side of all this.

And as time has gone on. . . I have not panicked, but I am taking the corona virus seriously. I don’t want it. I don’t want any part of it. Yet, wherever you go and whatever you do, there’s an underlying fear.

Part of the problem is that you can’t get away from it. Turn on the news and you get coronavirus updates. Look at the internet, whatever you’re doing there’s updates . . . and usually, they’re not good, at least right now. And that leads to fear and anxiety.

We see people out and about acting as if there it was just another typical day. But it’s not a typical day. If we would practice what we’ve been asked to do, I believe we’d quickly move through this.

Should we go to work or just stay home. How do we survive at home? How can we live with one another under the same roof for 24 / 7?

We need to be creative in what we’re doing so what don’t feel cooped up and get on one another’s nerves. But more than being creative, we need to hold onto the word of God.

There was a young man named Timothy. He was being mentored by Paul. Because Timothy was young he didn’t get the full respect of the elders and he was pretty anxious about it all. Paul reminded Timothy - -

7 for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control. – 2 Timothy 1:7

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