Summary: - If you are struggling with an identity crisis - You are not sure just who you are - You need to know Ps 139

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Overcoming Heartache


- I’m going to give you an identity crisis.

- With the question of ‘Who am I?’

- Especially when we discover that our earth is but a tiny speck in a vast universe

- I’m within that speck on an obscure planet located in a second rate galaxy among billions of other galaxies in a great universe.

To understand this


- The sun is our nearest star. How big is the sun

compared to our earth? A million spheres the size of our earth can fit into the sun.

- How far away is the sun from the earth?

93 million miles.

- If one inch represented 10 million miles, how far would I have to go before I reached the sun. I could take one step and I’d be there.

- If I wanted to get to the next nearest star, I would have to walk forty miles.

- The second nearest star is 300,000 times as far away as the sun.

- Milky Way 100,000 light years across in diameter and

3000 light years thick

- The Milky Way galaxy .

- Compare a galaxy like a beach in space.

- Sand on the beach are stars (100 billion stars in this galaxy.)

- Going from beach to beach (Galaxy to galaxy)

A Speed of Light Viewpoint (186,000 miles per sec.)


- Moon to Earth 1.2 sec.

- Earth to Sun 8.5 min

- Sun to Solar System 5:40 Hr.

- To our nearest star 4.3 years (Alpha Centauri)

- Across the Milky Way 100,000 years

- This could make me feel insignificant.

- Having absolute no value

- Then Ps 139 puts everything into perspective

- My true relationship with God

- If you are struggling with an identity crisis

- You are not sure just who you are

- You need to know Ps 139

- Broken into four parts of six verses each.

- In each part the psalmist faces a question about himself in relationship to God.

- Summery statements are given at the first and last of the Psalm

- God is searching us - v.1

- My desire to be searched by God - v.23

1) ‘How Well Does God Know Me?


v. 1-6

- God knows everything about me

- What does that mean

• He Knows Everything I Do


- v. 2- Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising

• He Knows My Every Thought


- v.2 - Thou understandest my thoughts afar off

• He Knows Everywhere I Go


- v. 3

- Compass - Circling around me.

(Heb. Winnow sifting)

- Scrutinizing me from every angle

• He Knows My Every Word


- v. 4

- There are the Words we say

- Then the words we want to say the unspoken word

- Words have wide meaning

- The innuendoes are known “altogether”

- Knowing this about God can be frightening or encouraging

- Frightening because we want to hid our sin

- Encouraging because there is intimacy with Him

• What He Does With This Knowledge


- v. 5

- “Beset Me” - Fortifies me with protection

- Gives me His stronghold

- He is also on the point and is covering our backside

• Never Caught by Surprise


- v. 6

- He knows me perfectly

- He has every conceivable action to me covered

2) How Near Is God to Me?


v. 7-12

• v. 7 Asks the question - Can I ever be away from God

- Question asked twice - Answer I am never alone

- Jonah tried to do this in Jonah 1:3

Any Limitations?


• v.7-9

- As High & low

- Far & Wide – East & West

- Even if I could travel faster the light you are there with me

- v. 11-12

- Using ever conceivable means of hiding you are still now and still are there

- v. 10 Gives the promise assurance - He is there

3) How Can I Know All This For Sure?



• Because of my creative design of my body.

- v. 13, 15-16

• Be impressed by the abundance of revelation from God

- v. 17-18 - The heart is the strongest muscle in the body, beating an average of 100,000 times a day. Weighing less than a pound, it pumps blood through the 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the body.

- Scientists now calculate that if the electronic energy in the hydrogen atoms of our body could be utilized, you could supply all of the electrical needs of a large, industrialized country for nearly a week. A DuPont scientist said that the atoms of your body contain a potential energy of more than 11,000,000-kilowatt hours per pound of body weight. By this estimate, the average person is worth about $85,000,000!

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