Summary: Sometimes, you feel that life has swallowed, buried and destroyed you and that you have come to the end of the road. Remember that because Jesus lives, you can face tomorrow and all fear is gone








JOHN 11: 1-45


Many were the attempts on the life of Christ, particularly when He declared Himself to be the Son of God. But His death was formally decided upon when He showed His power over death by the resurrection of Lazarus. Previously, the Bible tells us that He had raised at least two others from the dead:

ã The daughter of Jairus [Matthew 9:18-26; Mark 5:42,43; Luke 8:40-56]

ã The son of the widow of Nain [Luke 7:11-15]

The first had just died; the second was already in his coffin; but the most astounding of all was Lazarus who had been dead and buried for four days. Ultimately, He overcame death by rising from the dead after three days, as He had predicted

Lazarus of Bethany was among the most steadfast of Christ’s disciples. At the home of Lazarus [whose sisters were Mary and Martha], Jesus had often found rest. The Saviour had no home of His own; He was dependent of the hospitality of His friends and disciples

Have you made room for Christ to come to you when weary, thirsting for human fellowship, providing Him a sincere welcome, pure and holy friendship

However, sorrow entered the peaceful home where Jesus had rested. Lazarus was stricken with sudden illness, and his sisters sent to the Saviour, saying: "Lord, behold, he whom Thou lovest is sick" (John 11:3)

Very likely the sisters felt that as soon as Our Lord received their message, He would hurry to the bedside of Lazarus. They saw the violence of the disease that had seized their brother, but they knew that Christ had shown Himself able to heal all manner of diseases- they had heard of and seen His miracles. As long as the spark of life was yet alive in their brother, they prayed and watched for Jesus to come. The messenger came without Jesus; yet he brought His message "This sickness is not unto death…" (John 11:4) - but to the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified thereby

This means that the glory of God manifested in the resurrection of dead Lazarus would be shown to be the glory - personally and immediately, of THE SON because God can bring good out of any bad situation [Genesis 50:2; Romans 8:28]. When trouble comes, do you grumble, complain, and blame God or do you see your problems as opportunities to honour Him?

Jesus stayed two days at Perea, the place where He was after receiving the news - at least twenty-five miles off. The ways of the divine are not as the ways of human love. God’s delays are mysterious; sorrow is sometimes prolonged for the same reason for which it is sent "When He seeth that their power is gone" [Deuteronomy 32:36]

He loved them and therefore He deferred coming to them that He might try them that their trial might at last be found to praise and honour. He loved them, that is, He designed to do something great and extraordinary for them. Therefore, He delayed coming to them, that Lazarus might be dead and buried before He came

Often they are the reverse. When people are sick, in body or spirit; when their case is waxing more and more desperate every day; when all hope of recovery is about to expire - just then and therefore it is that "He abides two days still in the same place where He is"

God has gracious intentions even in seeming delays. God may abstain for the moment from healing, not because Love does not love, but because Love never stops loving; and a greater good is come from the woe. God’s delays in answering prayers offered to Him by persons to confer some great kindness; and they are also proofs that His wisdom finds it necessary to permit an increase of the affliction, that His goodness may be more conspicuous in its removal

God’s timing especially His delays, may make us think He is not answering or is not answering the way we want. But He will meet our needs according to His perfect schedule and purpose [Philippians 4:19]]

Heaven’s clock is different from ours. The same delay took place when He was on the way to the house of Jairus, whose daughter He restored to life. He took out some precious moments to heal a woman who was suffering from an issue of blood, as she touched His garments in the crowd

Christ suffered the enemy to exercise his power, that He might drive him back, a conquered foe. To all who are reaching out to feel the guiding hand of God, the moment of greatest discouragement is the time when divine help is nearest

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