Summary: Learn how to overcome obstacles as you study the trials which Nehemiah faced.

As Nehemiah led the Israelite people to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem they faced many obstacles.

They faced challenges and obstacles as a group.

(2:19---laughter and ridicule)




(4:10---tired workers)



Nehemiah was personally attacked.

(6:1-4---They tried to get him to compromise)

(6:5-9---They tried to slander him)

(6:10-19---They tried to trick him)

(6:15-19---They tried to threaten him)

However, Nehemiah did not allow the obstacles to defeat him. He overcame. Notice five principles from the life of Nehemiah about overcoming obstacles.

1. Depend on God in prayer when obstacles stand in your way. (See 4:4-5,9) In the book of Nehemiah we find twelve prayers which Nehemiah prayed. He was a man of prayer and brought his problems before God.

2. He and the people were dedicated. The Bible says "the people had a mind to work." (4:6)Unless you are dedicated to God’s work the problems will overwhelm you.

3. Persevere in the midst of challenges. Nehemiah endured at least ten trials. He did not let that sway him.

4. Stay focused on your purpose. As the trials came Nehemiah stayed focused on the purpose at hand. At the time of one such trial Nehemaih sent messengers to say "I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down." (see 6:3)

5. Protect your integrity. In Nehemiah chapter 5 we find Nehemiah’s leadership contrasted with that of the selfish, corrupt "Nobles and rulers." The corrupt leaders had selfishly abused their leadership role with the people. Not so with Nehemiah.

It has been noted that Billy Graham has stood the test of time because he has protected his integrity. For instance, early in his ministry he determined to never be alone with a woman other than Ruth.

I pray that you will overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.

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