Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: An expository sermon on Matthew,some try to allegorize this passage of calming the storm but in doing so they lose most of its true meaning.

The Relevance of the Text.

How many of you here this morning would consider your faith as something the Lord Jesus would be pleased with? All too often our faith is not something that pleases the Lord. Every one of us here today could probably give a time in our lives when we were in a place where our faith was tested and we came up short. I would be willing to bet it has not been very long at all since the last time you had your faith tested to the point that you doubted the power of Christ in your life. It may have been this week, something that happened while you were at work, where you should have stood up for Jesus and made a stand for what is right and instead you stuck your head in the sand and decided to ignore whatever it was that you should have made a stand on. Maybe there you found out some bad news medically there is something wrong with you that is life threatening and you aren’t sure if you are going to make it. Maybe something is going on in someone’s life that you love and you are worried about them? Whatever it is that is going on in your life Let me remind you this morning that Jesus is in control and that He loves you and whatever happens it will be what is best for you. We as Christians can overcome doubt. That is what we are going to be talking about this morning. How can we overcome doubt in our lives when serious situations come upon us? When you leave here today it is my prayer that you will be fully equipped to overcome the doubt that so easily comes upon you when difficulty arises. And also it is my prayer that if any of you are here today and you have never put your faith in Jesus then that you would see that He truly is the creator of the universe and He wants you to be saved this morning. So if you would please turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew chapter eight verse 23. The eighth chapter of Matthew the twenty-third verse.

C. The Review of the Text.

Most of you know that we have been studying Matthew now since June, since we have been in this gospel we have seen one thing in particular about Jesus that stands out more than anything. What is it that we have seen from Matthew’s account about Jesus week in and week out? Does anyone remember what we have seen? Who is Jesus? What have we learned about who Jesus is, since we have been studying this gospel? That’s right He is King, He is the rightful heir to the throne of David the King, He is the Promised Messiah that God promised to Abraham, He is the King of the Jews as the Wise men called Him. He is the Son of God as God the Father called Him. Satan also called Him the Son of God.

What have we seen about His person since we have been studying this book? He has authority right? How much authority does He have? Well he has the authority of God Himself. Why? Because he is God. If we were to go back all the way to Genesis Chapter three what would we learn about how God created the world? He created it perfectly and put man in charge right? Man was supposed to have full dominion over the whole earth, but something happened didn’t? Adam sinned and since Adam sinned, sin entered into the world and all the World has been cursed because of Man and his Sin. So instead of ruling the earth we have cursed the earth. Now why is this important to the text we are looking at this morning because as you know we have been looking at the Authority of Christ the last couple of weeks and this week we are still looking at His authority.

The reason I have took you back to all of that is to say this, the messiah is promised to usher in a new kingdom remember we looked in Isaiah in Sunday school and it told us of the way the millennial kingdom is going to work? How the lion is going to lay down with the lamb and how there are going to be no more wars and how wonderful the world is going to be? Well who do you think has the authority to bring all of that to pass? Is it you do you think you can make that happen? Do you think the United States as the most powerful country in the world can make that happen? Of course not we have proved that in Iraq. So then who can make that wonderful promised us come to pass? Who can reverse this curse that has been place on the world? Only God has that power and He chose to do this through His Son Jesus.

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