Summary: A wedding vow renewal ceremony for Joshua and Cody Page

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Friends, we are here this day to share with Cody Page and Joshua Page a most important day in their lives. In places like this beautiful setting, they have learned to know and love each other. Now they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife.

We have been invited to hear Cody and Joshua as they promise to face the future together as a married couple, accepting whatever may lie ahead. These surroundings were not chosen by chance. In places like this they have learned to know and love each other.

Marriage is an institution of God. All our thinking on the subject has its basis in the Holy Scriptures. God Himself was the originator of it when He said, "For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to this wife and the two will be one flesh." It is apparent that our Master instituted marriage as an experience of love, to provide his own idea of a proper social order and to provide that through well-ordered families truth and holiness might be passed from one generation to another.

We learn from the Scriptures that Jesus honored a marriage festival with His presence, and I think that it is significant that He chose this occasion to begin His miracles, when He turned the water into wine. I think it is not out of order, either, that the Holy Spirit speaking through Paul selected the symbol of husband and wife as an emblem of the union that binds together Christ Himself and His own blood-bought, ransomed church.


A relationship that is thus consecrated should not be formed without thought and with reverence, but in fear of God, knowing that He, as the Author, ordained and blessed matrimony.

And now, I charge you both that if there be any cause that should prevent your lawful marriage, you must now speak.


Who brings this woman to be married to this man?

[Father will answer her mother and I] Father takes his seat.

Minister instructs Cody and Joshua to face each other and to join hands.


Cody and Joshua, nothing is easier than saying words, and nothing is harder than living them day after day. What you promise today must be renewed and rededicated tomorrow, and each day thereafter. At the end of this ceremony you still must decide every day that stretches out before you, that you want to be married.

Real love is something beyond the warmth and glow, the excitement and romance of being deeply in love. It is caring as much about the welfare and happiness of your marriage partner as about your own. But real love is looking outward in the same direction, together. Love makes burdens lighter because you divide them; it make joys more intense, because you share them; it makes you stronger, so you can reach out and become involved with life in ways you dared not risk alone.


It is time to state your intentions in this marriage:

Joshua, will you take Cody to be your wife? Will you love and respect her? Will you be honest with her and give her your trust? Will you faithfully stand by her for the rest of your life, whatever may come? Will you make whatever adjustments are necessary so that you two can share a harmonious life?

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