Summary: Palm Sunday Message

Luke 19:35-40

Palm Sunday


A. This is Palm Sunday. It is really funny to stop and think about it

B. The one week Jesus was be hailed as greatest person ever then just five days later he was crucified.

C. It is amazing how people can change so quick

D. Jesus was heading into Jerusalem during Passover. This was a major celebration every one and their families would have been in town. You know how Christmas there is always something going on. This would be much the same

E. The anticipation of the great miracle worker coming was overwhelming

F. Today were going to look at some of the events that happened when Christ rode on that donkey to town

I. The Respect of the People

A. Explanation

a. Throwing there cloaks on the colt was not meant because it was hot out, it was meant to give Jesus a cushion when he rode on the donkey

b. His disciples were just be nice to Him

c. When they came near to the city of Jerusalem there was tons of People out there to cheer for Jesus

d. Keep in mind there was no KDKA to keep you inform.

e. Billboards were not around

f. Telephones were not invented

g. The only way that they could have known that Jesus was coming was by word of mouth

h. That is impressive if you had all those people coming without our modern day advertisement ideas

i. Then the whole crowd, without the aid of a PA system, starting JOYFULLY praising God

i. The praised Jesus for the miracles they had seen

ii. This was not a blah event this was like the NCCAA tournament celebration (They were going crazy)

iii. There were singing songs that they all knew (also known as Psalms)

iv. Shouting joyfully doing whatever they could to make it known that they were wanting to praise God

B. Application

a. Do we show God that much respect?

b. Think about it

c. There was no food after the service

d. There was no live entertainment

e. There was just genuine celebration taking place

f. People honestly praising God out of respect for what he has done

g. Why don’t we give God that much respect

C. Illustration

a. At life 92’ there was 4000 people. I know that life has grown even bigger since then. However, I remember that being one of the largest gatherings of youth that I have ever seen. The excitement was always there. We were giving go the respect and praising his name. It was exciting to be part of that. However, just as with the case of this event recorded in the Bible I am sure that some have turn away from God since then. Much the same way they turned away from God

h. Don’t ever be that person. Don’t ever loose the respect for God. Don’t ever turn away from god. Don’t ever stop praising God.

II. The Reaction of the Pharisees

a. Explanation

i. Along with the people that were cheering for Jesus there were also the Pharisees

ii. These were worse then the opposing team fans

iii. The hated Jesus, they hated everything that he stood for

iv. They hated the fact that Jesus was getting more attention then they were.

v. They finally came up with the idea of saying that it is out of order and that Jesus should shut His disciples up (Read 39)

b. Application

i. Do we react the same way as the Pharisees?

ii. We often get upset because something is happening and we are not apart of it.

iii. We get an idea that if we are not apart of it then it is not worth it.

iv. This is done out of jealousy

v. We can not have jealousy, we all should be serving the same God

vi. We need to support these movements of God, no matter if we are involved or not

c. Illustration

i. Lurnville 2002. Done by Saxonburgh Ministerium. Not Richland Ministerium. We need to support this. May 19-21 (Describe more about it)

ii. That will make the body of Christ become what it is suppose to be rather then trying to hurt it all the time

III. The Response of Jesus

a. Explanation

i. This is one of my favorite verses (read Vs 40)

ii. Jesus is much wiser then the Pharisees

iii. Jesus is more powerful then they gave Him credit

iv. He could use stones if he wanted to

b. Application

i. Are we going to let rocks do our job?

ii. I do not want Jesus to resort to using stone to praise him

iii. That is my job

iv. It is more then a job it is a privilege and should be treated as such.

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