Summary: The Romans and many Jews wanted nothing more than to see this heretic gone, once and for all. They had enough of His insurrection. But, little did they realize, that He would NEVER be gone. In a few days, He would rock the world forever!

Matthew 20:17-19

John 12:9-36 (NKJV)

John 12:44-50 (NKJV)


Today's Sermon is Titled 'Palm Sunday--It will soon be Finished'

Everything was going according to His plan

Down to the donkey He rode on

All foretold by prophets like Isaiah and Ezekiel

Several thousand years coming to this one single point in time.

The stage has been set

The bad actors are about to play their part in an Epic event

One that would change the world forever!

He's told His disciples at least three times that this Event was about to unfold and that He would be returning to the Father

But as a side note,...He would NOT be leaving them alone

Just a He still does for you and me



John and his friend George went golfing together one Saturday morning as they had for 24 years. They were fanatics about their golf game.

Later that day, John returned home completely exhausted and plopped down in his easy chair.

His wife was quite concerned since he was more exhausted than usual after his Saturday golf game.

She asked him "What's wrong, bad game?"

"No, hon, I had the best game in years!

As a matter of fact, I started out the first three holes at 4 under par, including a hole-in-two on the 3rd."

"So why are you so worn out?" she asked. "Well, George had a heart attack and died on the 4th hole."

"What!? Are you so exhausted from trying to save him?"

"No, honey, it was quick and there was nothing anyone could’ve done.


The bad news was that soon, our Lord would be beaten

beyond recognition.

Beaten almost to death.

But it would not be there in that place.

It would be up on the hill overlooking Jerusalem.

But the good news, was that it wouldn't last. Jesus

would be just three days...Death could not

hold Him.


There were Mixed Emotions as Jesus approached Jerusalem

The road that led to Jerusalem was lined with well-wishers

Those that knew or had heard about Jesus

Some, including His own apostles were concerned that this was the End for Jesus

Pilate's job was on the line...He could not afford a massive riot...The Emperor was watching...

There were many Jews within the walls of Jerusalem that did not approve of Jesus and thought He was tearing the Jewish religion apart

Pilate had recently entered the city on a big white horse

with his soldiers parading before and after him

Jesus was now entering the city drawing massive crowds...and yet riding on a donkey...not exactly a conqueror

The Roman soldiers were on high-alert...fully armed...and ready for a rebellion of sorts


Jesus Adds Insult to Injury in the eyes of the High Priest

Jesus dismounts His donkey and enters the Holy Temple

He is angered with what He sees

His temple is being used as a marketplace

There are money-changers and sacrifices being bought and sold


Matthew 21:12-13

He is being watched by His lynch mob to be

This is exactly what Caiaphas needed to convince the Pharisees

that this man Jesus was not Holy but instead a trouble-maker

Things were going exactly as planned


Who Gave Him the Right?

Jesus leaves Jerusalem but returns the following day

Caiaphas and the High Priests would then question Him concerning what authority permitted Him to react/respond as He did

Matthew 21:23-27

Jesus would not tell them and they were afraid to answer

Jesus had them right where He wanted them

Jesus needed NOT God's authority for He is God

He is the AUTHORITY of ALL Things


Who is the Son of Man?

The Testing Continued

Caiaphas and the Pharisees continued in their quest to find fault in the 'Son of Man'

They believed that He was only that--'The Son of a Man'--NOT the 'Son of God'

They then tried to catch Him as it related to Roman Taxes

They asked, is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?

Jesus requested that they bring to Him a denarius

He asked, 'Who picture is on the coin?'

Their answer--Caesar

Then give Caesar what is his and to God, give Him what is His.


This all continued into the following week

and it culminates with His Trial, Execution and His Glorious Resurrection and Ascension

Next week is Easter and we will continue His Story and How according to His Plan,

He would be crucified and yet be the Victor over the Roman Empire and all of His Creation. Amen.

Through His action, You and I have been redeemed...FORGIVEN!

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