Summary: This is a sermon outline that uses a paper airplane to show the only way to heaven

Paper Airplanes

While doing this message you need to be folding a paper airplane

Make one that doesnt fly well, and then one that does to illustrate the need to follow the Word of God correctly

I. Good paper / Bad paper

Good paper is the Word of God the Bible

You must have good paper

Bad paper could be the things of this world

Other holy books, other faiths

Following these things can lead to a good life

But they just don’t work as well

Only good paper gets you on the right path

II. Good Folds / Bad folds

Good folds is following the instructions of the Bible


Not just half-heartedly

Bad folds causes the plane to not fly straight

Following instructions partly causes your life to steer wrong

To go off course

You need good folds, follow the Bible’s instructions properly

III. Good design / Bad design

God’s plan is the only design that works

I am the way the truth and the life, Jesus said, John 14:6

Without me no one can go to the Father

This is the only design that has proper results

Good paper - the Bible

Good folds - follow its instructions correctly

Good design - Jesus is the only way to heaven

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