Summary: Jesus describes end times events by looking at the fig tree and what we should look for

Parable of the Fig Tree

Matthew 24:32-35


In order for us to fully understand this parable in Matthew 24, we really need to look at the context in which Jesus spoke it

In Matthew 24, Jesus had left the temple and was walking with His disciples

As they are walking, Jesus begins to prepare them for what will take place in future events

He gives them a discourse about how nothing they see around them will be standing in the end

Of course, this prompts the disciples to ask two questions about this discourse

When will all this happen? What will be the sign of your coming?

We will examine Jesus’ answer to these questions as we look at this parable

Read Matt 24:32-35 / Pray

Many throughout history have been asking these same questions about the return of Christ

When will all this happen and what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?

Question: Is it possible that Jesus could come in our lifetime?

Not only possible but very probable

Let’s examine this together as we first look at…


Fig Tree – this is the hotbed of where it will all take place – Israel

Twigs – are the representation of the Jews around the world

Leaves bloom – is a representation of the Jews returning to their homeland

These things – what Jesus talks about in vs 4 – 31

It is near – Jesus is answering the two questions about his coming and the end

This generation – talking about a whole multitude living at the same time

All these things – again Jesus tells us in vs 4 – 31

These are the elements that Jesus is using to tell His disciples…to answer their questions in vs 3

Trans: Now let’s look at this a little closer as we examine


Jesus uses the “fig tree” as the nation of Israel and the leaves are a reference to the people of Israel or the Jews

Draw a parallel to this use of fig leaves all the way back to Adam and Eve

In Gen 3:7, it tells us that when Adam and Eve sinned, their eyes were opened and they tried to cover their nakedness by sewing fig leaves together

Under the Old Testament, the nation of Israel was under THE LAW and they were covered under the Old Covenant…the Jews…the chosen of God

Notice I said they were “covered” just like Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves

The same was true of the nation of Israel constantly trying to cover themselves after they would fall into sin and apply the law

Now notice that when God came to Adam and Eve and saw their sin, the fig leaves were not enough

He made garments of skin and clothed them

This was the first shedding of blood to cover the sin of man…notice also the garments of skin represent God placing His covering on them

So the nation of Israel is God’s chosen…but what’s their standing with God?

Before, they were covered under the OT but now they must accept the New Covenant of Jesus and be clothed in His righteousness

The nation of Israel as it was under the OT is no longer alive…it’s no longer acceptable as it is

Why? Because of Jesus and His sacrifice…the NT or New Covenant

This is illustrated in Matthew 21:18-19 (turn there)

The old nation of Israel was cursed to die and will not be born as they were before

The Jews today are not in a right standing with God unless they have put on the garment of righteousness

But we know the bible tells us that one day…that the Jewish nation will be made right with God again in the end but not as they were in the OT

So that brings us to modern day – The fig tree is Israel – the nation – the hotbed of what’s to come

When Jesus references the leaves coming out, this is a direct correlation as to the nation of Israel coming to life again

In May 1948, the people known as Jews, were brought together to form a nation known as Israel

Once they were recognized as a nation, then the people of Jewish descent began to make their way to this nation

The fig tree that was once dead, has now began to sprout leaves…the Jewish people

It has now taken root and has begun to produce again…are you with me so far?

When you see this take place, you know that the time is near

What time? The time of His coming and the end

It is right at the door…Jesus is at the door…He is just waiting for God to open it for His return again

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