Summary: Part 2 of our Fruits of the Spirit Series is about Love and what God=type love is, and how we can quench it if we are not carefull.

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The Fruit of the Spirit

Part 2 – Love

Rev. Bruce A. Shields

First Baptist Church Tawas City Michigan



We began our series last week on ‘The Fruit of the Spirit’.

We talked about how we receive the Spirit from Jesus when we receive Salvation, but that there is more to receiving the power of the Holy Spirit.

The promise of the Father, the power from on high.

We saw in the scriptures how Jesus breathed on the Disciples and told them to receive the Holy Spirit, thus making them a NEW creation because of their Salvation and the work of the Cross.

The same thing happened in Genesis when God breathed life into the first man, when we receive Christ we are made new.

Jesus then told the Disciples to go into Jerusalem and wait, He would then return to the Father in Heaven and send the promise of the Father, the power from on high, the Holy Spirit to clothe or cover them, which in turn, would enable them for the calling and great commission Jesus had just given to them.

This is where we receive our Spiritual Gifts, our Whole Armor of God, and when we are clothed in God’s Spirit, we spontaneously produce the fruits of God’s Spirit.

These fruits are not ours, or anything that we have done or can do, but the natural result of being in the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.

Remember, we are ambassadors for God and His kingdom.

So we put on our royal garb of the Holy Spirit, God’s Holy clothing.

The fruit bearing witness to the presence of God’s Holy Spirit within us.

We represent the coming age and our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

We are the only Bible some people will ever experience in their lives.

So we need to be diligent in our daily witness.

We are heirs of a Kingdom where it is God’s will that ALL are received by Him who sent us.

The scriptures tell us plainly, that it is God’s will that ALL are saved and come to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus was loud and clear when He gave us, His body here on earth, the commission to go out into all the world making disciples, teaching them to obey everything He taught, and baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes I wonder if the Church is too preoccupied with programs, events, committees and the like, neglecting our Lords instruction.

These things can be good aids or tools, but not at the expense of our Lords instructions, to go and make disciples.

Our Holy garment, the covering given to us by God, His Holy Spirit, will naturally produce fruit in your life, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control.

These things will be present in your life when you are covered with the Holy Spirit.

These are naturally occurring.

If they are not present in your life, there is one of two things happening because God’s Holy Spirit does not fail.

You either do not have the Holy Spirit, or you have quenched it’s fruit in your life by following your sinful flesh instead of, as the scriptures say, keeping in step with the Spirit.

We have to submit ourselves, surrendering our control daily to God.

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