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Summary: How can you build a stronger marriage? What can you do to improve your marriage and make it into what God designed a marriage to be? (based on sermon series by Craig Groeschel, The Vow)

A Solemn Promise Pt4- Partnership

Introduction (based on sermon series by Craig Groeschel, The Vow)

Seminar- Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Continue w/series- A Solemn Promise-

Priorities, Pursuit, Purity (PMario), Partnership

A Solemn Promise

Married people- how many would say you are married to someone very opposite than yourself?

When you are dating opposites attract, but when you are married opposites attack. Unknown

There are many areas that Bonnie and I are opposites-

I like to be places early, she is okay w/on-time, I like it warm at night, she likes it cool, she likes to play board games, I do not.

Being opposites can be a blessing/cause much tension.

Jerry Maguire video clip- you complete me

Jerry Maguire said- you complete me- some spouses might say- you deplete me.

Not true- God uses opposites to complete not deplete.

We have a spiritual enemy who wants to cause us to compete with one another instead of complete one another.

Review our Solemn promises- first week-

I promise that God will be my #ONE priority and my spouse will be my #TWO priority.

Second Week Solemn Promise-

I promise to always pursue my #TWO.

This Week Solemn Promise-

I promise- marriage will be about WE/not ME.

Look at our key verse- Gen 2:24

One- to be united in contrast to being separate, one who-part of a larger total, to be completely together

Eccl 4:9-12

Three-legged race-

Tie you/your spouses legs together w/cord- she is an individual, you are an individual, but you are joined by the cord of Christ. If- work together, serve together, run together at the same pace- you can accomplish much. If each of you go your own way, there is no harmony/unity/common vision-you will be fight/compete.

God wants to complete us by binding us together.

Partners in Crime

Today- talk about partnership, the WE and not the ME.

Marriage is a covenant and not a contract.

When we treat marriage like a contract, it is merely a piece of paper, a legal agreement that we can break.

Malachi- a picture of people whining to God? Why?

Mal 2:11-14

Men-prayers not answered- you have not been faithful.

She is- wife of your marriage covenant, not a contract.

A contract is based on mutual distrust.

A contract protects me from the other person because I do not trust them to do the right thing.

I am in as far as they are in, but no further.

Many people treat marriage in the same way.

A covenant is based on mutual commitment.

Covenant- completely binding commitment that can be maintained by one person.

You may break our covenant vows, but I will not-

I am completely in, 100%.

In a covenant vow, divorce is not an option.

Covenant comes from a Hebrew word- to cut.

Two people would sacrifice an animal/divide in two.

They would then walk between- two pieces together.

Blood of the animal- poured out to signify- seriousness of the commitment- making to each other.

If break the covenant- penalty- death- like the animal.

God has again entered a covenant w/us through the death of His Son Jesus Christ- blood poured out.

God is a God of covenants.

In marriage God has established the gift of lovemaking for the covenant of marriage ONLY.

Virgin male consummates w/virgin female- there is again a cutting/shedding of blood- hymen broken.

Today- people do married things before marriage.

Young people share- life/dreams, w/many partners.

They give their heart/body away-split up- like divorce.

When they finally get married, and things get tough- they divorce because that is their pattern.

For those who have been divorced- do not want to heap condemnation- your pain is very real. Some of you made mistakes and if you could you might do things differently. I do not want us to dig up the past, but look to the future.

Marriage is not about ME and you meeting MY needs.

It is about WE serving HE (Christ) together.

Covenant partnership includes-

godly leadership and mutual submission.

Eph 5:21

We submit to one another out of reverence/worship for the ONE who laid down His life for us.

Mutual submission- not- you do your part/I do mine.

Marriage is not a 50/50 relationship.

Covenant is I will do to you as Christ has done for me.

I will lay down my life to serve you- I am in 100%.

It wise to submit to one another so we can use our differences for the common good.

Some of us only have rebellion towards our spouses.

Three-legged race- each running in a different direction- God wants you to run in His direction.

Look at godly leadership- Eph 5:22

Some of you women are saying to yourself-

“He may be the head, but I am the neck, and I will turn him in any direction I want.”

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