Summary: Expanding our understanding of the Kingdom, Embracing our call to be a Witness, and, Encountering the power of the Spirit.

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Pre-Reading Introduction

Before we come to our reading, a brief word of introduction.

Three things:

1. It’s always good to bear in mind that the book of Acts is a sequel – it’s part 2. Luke first wrote the Gospel that bears his name.

2. In Acts 1:1, Luke says in his Gospel he wrote about what Jesus began to do and teach. The implication is that in the book of Acts Luke’s going to tell us about all that Jesus continues to do and teach through the followers of Jesus, the Church.

3. Acts begins in the 40 day period after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Jesus is busy making sure the disciples understand just how alive he is! And he wants them to know he has a crucial job for them to do. Let’s read the passage together...

Reading: Acts 1:1-11


Have you ever watched a relay race?

Now, it seems to me that the moment you hand over the baton is the vital moment.

Fumble around and you lose time.

Drop it and you’re in trouble.

Don’t pass it on and game over!

But with a good handover you’re on track to win.

In a sense, that’s what we have here in Acts chapter 1.

Jesus has run his race.

His race included being born as one of us;

Living a life of perfect obedience to the Father;

Proclaiming by word and deed the Kingdom of God;

Suffering a vicarious death for the sins of the world;

And rising from the dead.

It was now time to pass on the baton.

To pass it on before he returns to heaven.

It’s a crucial time.

If the Disciples drop the baton that’s it.

Before he goes, Jesus has lots of instructions to hand on. He wants them to Expand, Embrace and Encounter:

1. Expand your understanding of the Kingdom

v3, “He appeared to them for forty days and spoke about the Kingdom of God...” And the disciples ask Jesus this question: v6, “Lord, are you at this time going to restore the Kingdom to Israel?”

Jesus had always spoken a lot about the Kingdom.

“The Kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news”.

He told lots of parables to explain the Kingdom...

The Kingdom is like a precious pearl.

You sell everything you have so you can buy it!

The Kingdom is like a small seed that grows into something huge.

He even taught us to pray, “Your Kingdom come”

And the apostle Paul taught a lot of the Kingdom.

Acts 28 tells us Paul spent 2 whole years in Rome teaching about the Kingdom of God.

We need to learn more about the Kingdom of God.

Many people get confused about it.

The disciples were confused because they thought the Kingdom was a political thing.

You can’t blame them.

Jesus had gathered 12 disciples around him.

Everyone had understood the symbolism of that.

12 Tribes of Israel – 12 Disciples...

It seemed He was making a new Israel.

A new day was dawning.

He was the Messiah.

He would soon rule from Jerusalem as King.

They quite liked the idea of all that.

It’d mean a good bit of status for them.

They’d surely get good positions in the new administration.

James and John had asked for that a long time ago: Lord can we sit on your right and on your left?

And now Jesus has risen from the dead... so the long awaited restoration of Israel must be imminent.

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