Summary: The dangers of putting off God's call until it's too late.

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Many of you know that there is a point of “No return” in most things in our lives. In olden times every ship and plane crossing the Ocean had a “Point of no return”. (Not enough fuel to make a turn about and head for home.)

We all know it was against the “Law” for a Jew to have anything to do with Swine. They weren’t allowed to touch one (yet today). If they accidentally touched one they were considered unclean.

Deut:14:8: (KJV) And the swine, because it divideth the hoof, yet cheweth not the cud, it is unclean unto you: ye shall not eat of their flesh, nor touch their dead carcase.

• The young man was tired of his responsibilities and duties.

• He wanted to take a vacation from it all, and wanted to be sure he had enough money to sustain him in his big adventure. (Probably was a farm boy who had only heard of the wild side of life.)

• He went into the “World” a clean and wholesome young man searching for adventure not realizing that he was going to be an easy target for every hustler, con artist , and prostitute he met. (He may have thought like our children that he could handle himself in any situation if he was given the chance.)

• He soon found that his money was going fast and he had no one to supply his needs.

• With his money all gone he took a job feeding the swine. (A major insult to a Jew as well as being against their law.)

• He became so hungry that he would have “Gladly” eat the husks that the swine also ate. (He was ready to admit total defeat and yield to the temptation turn his back on everything he had been taught in his life.)

• I feel that he was on the very line of the “Point of no return” and had he eaten that swine’s food, he may never have returned to his senses.

If we linger too long in a life of disobedience to God, we might well cross that point of no return.

• I preached a Homecoming service in Bloomington, Indiana several years ago about crossing the point of no return, and a young married man sitting toward the back of the church was clearly under conviction. The Pastor went back and invited him to come and pray. He refused. I saw the Pastor some time later that year in another Church and the Pastor informed me that the young man was killed in an automobile accident not long after that sermon on the “Point of no return”. If you are not saved, don’t wait any longer, the point of no return may very near for you. (Give the invitation.)

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