Summary: Paul’s encouragement to Timothy

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Intro: 2 Timothy the first chapter is a great chapter to read if you need your passion restored. To understand this book, you must realize the time in which it was written. Christianity was booming for a while and churches were being established everywhere. Revival had swept the nations and churches were flourishing. But now things had changed and Christianity had gone from popular to poison. Persecution was at an all time high and Paul was writing Timothy from a Roman prison. Many people had deserted Paul, and it is likely that troubled times had hit Timothy’s church. This first chapter is an encouragement to stay the course, stir the fire, stand on the Word. Today, we will use this chapter, from an old preacher to a young man, on Passion Restored


2 TIMOTHY 1-18

I. Remember Your History In God–1:5–Paul must have heard that Timothy was in the battle, and maybe even a little discouraged about the way things were going. Paul knowing how to deal with discouragement in ministry gave some important advice for passion to be restored. He mentioned Momma– And Granny–and also what he had seen in Timothy’s life.

—Timothy– remember serving God is a family tradition. Boy you have come from good stock, your family has a history of serving the Lord. I want to encourage every young person here today, we are counting on your generation to keep the light burning in this world.

__ Paul reminds Timothy of those great spiritual times they had shared together. It is easy in the battle and storms to forget the wonderful times you have experienced in God. The devil will get you concentrating on the bad, so to restore Passion, read your journal of all the times God has come through for you, all the times you have had a special touch from God.

II. Rekindle the Fire–6-7 Timothy, stir it up, the fire is trying to go out in you so, stir it up, get your flame back. Paul is encouraging Timothy to stop everything he is doing, and concentrate on the most important thing of all, His relationship with Jesus Christ, His walk in the Spirit of God, the anointing that will destroy every yoke.

Timothy probably was trying to figure it out on his own, Paul was saying, it is that anointing, that power of God that will get you through every problem you face. Stop trying to do it on your own, get God in the middle of every storm.

Without the fire the train will stall. Paul is reminding Timothy, it was God that got you where you are at, and it is God that will get you where you need to go. Don’t try to do this in your strength, it is not by might or power, but by His Spirit saith the Lord.

III. Don’t Be Intimidated by the world–8-12 Paul now gives some great wisdom to a young man of God. Timothy is feeling intimidated by some people in and out of the church. He is feeling totally inadequate for the ministry at hand. But Paul lets him know it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. Timothy, you are a man of God, and that means if God is for you, if God is in you, if God is with you, you will win.

A. we lose our passion when we look at our ability over His. God doesn’t use the strongest, the greatest, the wisest, but the weakest, the most feeble, so that His glory can shine through. The second we look at how small we are, then the giants seem bigger and the mountains seem taller.

IV. Stay in the Word–13-14 Here is one of the keys to keeping your passion. Staying in the Word, Standing on the promises of God. Timothy needed to be reminded that preaching the Word was his main call. He probably was worn out trying to do so many things that he wasn’t called to do. As ministers, we must stay in the Word, preach the Word, be instant in season and out, always ready to give an answer for the hope that is in us.

V. Not everyone is a quitter–15-18– Paul now gives some of the greatest advice for those who need passion restored. He says, not everyone is a quitter. Timothy was probably discouraged by those who had quit the church, those who use to serve God who had gone back into the world. So Paul does something wonderful, he let’s Timothy know, not everyone is a quitter.

Like God told Elijah–7000 have not bowed down to Baal.

Timothy–let me tell you about Onesiphorus–people are giving up everywhere, but not him. He came looking for me in prison, He ministered to me when it wasn’t a popular thing to do.

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