Summary: Jesus prayed John 17 as His hour had come. The infant group of believers prayed together until Pentecost. What did they all pray? Maybe the topics that was on our Savior's heart. All the topics are from John 17


“My Father is glorified by this, that you bear much fruit, and so prove to be My disciples.” John 15:8

0. GOSPEL PREVIEW – John 13:1

a. Clock – Prophesy: The Hour, The Plot/Project, Psalm 110

b. Chair – Priest, Back to the Father, The Throne, Seated at the right hand

i. Rest / Accomplishment / Propitiation

ii. Recognition / Adoration / Praise

iii. Resources / Access / Provisions

iv. Rule / Authority / Protections (past, present, future)

c. Church – People/Bride, Loved His own (humanity)

i. Worshipers

ii. Warriors

iii. Workmanship

iv. Witnesses

d. Cross – Propitiation, To the end

1. GOSPEL PASSIONS – John 17:1-5

a. Glory ... that the world may know...

i. To the Father

ii. To the Son

iii. To the Bride

b. Gospel – Eternal Life, Priceless, Freely Given, Relationship

i. Knowing: The Father

ii. Knowing: The Son

iii. Knowing: Two Persons of The Trinity-> One God / Unity & Equality

iv. Knowing: The Trinity-One God -> Two Persons of the Three / Diversity & Dignity

c. Governance – Christ’s Authority

d. Guideposts – Eternal Plan

2. GOSPEL PROTECTIONS – John 17:6-14

a. Placing – In, not of

i. On temporary mission

ii. In hostile territory

iii. To rescue the lost

iv. In the Father's name

b. Protecting – From evil & world's power & lies

c. Patrolling Prayer – Jesus and other warriors

d. Preserving – Unconditional promises

3. GOSPEL PRACTICES – John 17:15-19

a. Sanctified Longing for the Word – Truth, Names, Identity, God’s will (purpose)

b. Sanctified Living the Way – God’s way, methods, etc.

i. No fruit

ii. Fruit

iii. More fruit

iv. Much fruit

c. Sanctified Linking In & Loving Diverse Community

i. Trinity: Three Persons, One God – Equality, Unity, Charity

ii. Many Believers, One Church – Equality, Unity, Charity, Liberty

iii. Trinity: One God, Three Persons – Diversity, Dignity, Authority, Responsibility

iv. One Body, Many Parts - Diversity, Dignity, Authority, Responsibility

d. Lavishing

i. In confidence

ii. In glory / fruit

iii. In love

iv. In joy

4. GOSPEL PROCREATION – John 17:20-25

a. Revealing to the Lost – Clear, bold, to all, open doors, rapid

b. Receiving by the Little_Ones – Foundations

c. Reserving by the Laborers - Disciplied

d. Reproducing by the Leaders – Multiplying


a. House of Prayer:

i. John 17:1-5; Passions of His Worshippers

ii. The Throne: Christ’s Recognition & Praise

iii. Names: The Son, I Am, Alpha & Omega, The Word, Chosen One

b. Army:

i. John 17:6-14; Protections for His Warriors

ii. The Throne: Christ’s Rule & Protections

iii. Names: Lord of Lords, Ruler of Creation, The Almighty

c. Body:

i. John 17:15-19; Practices of His Workmanship

ii. The Throne: Christ’s Resources & Provisions

iii. Emmanuel, High Priest, Bread of Life, Mediator, Great Shepherd, Advocate

d. Family:

i. John 17:20-25; Procreation of His Witnesses

ii. The Throne: Christ’s Rest & Propitiation

iii. Names: Messiah, Savior, Redeemer, Light of the World

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