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Summary: A special service to honor the local firefighters. I used a variety of passage to highlight how the firefighters demonstrated the level of passionate service that Christ's followers should show.

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Well, good morning. Today, we continue on with our four core values of worship, discipleship, outreach, and community. Today, we swing back around to the value of outreach. Implied in the value of outreach is this idea of service. Service basically means just being available to serve to take care of the needs of others. As I began to think about this idea of service, I began to think about what would be a good example of service. Then I realized, we have these firefighters here, and they are actually great examples of service. In fact, I would say they epitomize service because they take service to a new level. Most of us serve, but they basically serve over and above. They take things back to a willingness to serve. They go beyond the basic levels of service all the way over to what I would call passionate service. I was thinking about it. If we had a group of firefighters and we had a group of people in the church dedicated to performing that same level of service, not only would the community be protected from things like house fires, they would be protected from other fires. The fires that would seek to destroy family, that would seek to destroy finances, that would seek to destroy health, and even faith. What I want to look at in the next few minutes is what I call passionate service. The six ingredients of passionate service.

The first area of service or the first ingredient of passionate service is what I refer to as a willingness to serve. Willingness to serve is basically the idea that you are available. I know some of these guys very well, and I doubt that any of them had to be strong-armed, convinced, or coerced, or forced into service. They were all willing to serve. Likewise, Christians are called to be servants. It is very clear, if you’ve done any reading in the Bible, you know there are passages after passages that speak of this idea of service. Some speak directly and some speak indirectly. One passage that I think really speaks of this idea of service comes out of the Book of 1 John 4:19 which says “We love because He first loved us.” We are talking about God’s love to us. We are not talking obviously of a romantic love. We are talking about a sacrificial-type love. A love that was a passionate love that basically involved Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross. We see in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” That is the kind of love we are talking about. That is the kind of passion that we are talking about. Likewise, Christians are called to sacrificial service. Obviously, we can’t die on the cross, but we can die to ourselves. We can die to our own self-interest or our own self desires at least long enough to be available and willing to serve others. Unfortunately, there are Christians who do not allow enough margins in their lives to serve others. They fill their lives with so many things. They fill it with hobbies and sports and technology and work and all these things that tend to take over their life so there is nothing left to serve. Finally, when they do serve, a lot of times what happens is they serve out of a sense of dread and obligation and drudgery. When they do that, they zap the life out of service. Christians are called to serve, but they are called to joyous service. When Christians are serving, they are supposed to feel a sense of fulfillment. They are supposed to feel a sense of satisfaction. Why? Because they are doing what God has wired them to do. In other words, they are operating within their area of giftedness, their skillset, and their talents, which is really the next thing I want to talk about.

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