Summary: Teach on the significance of the Passover

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Amenhotep II great athletic ability as a youth - archer, runner, but records are pretty silent about his reign. He fathered a son but that son never became Pharaoh - because he died in the last plague

Passover looks back to Adam and to Abraham - looks forward to Christ.

Parallel the life of Moses with the life of Christ

He not only went further than Moses but claimed his own to be the higher authority. Moses against murder. Jesus was against vindictive anger. Moses was against adultery. Jesus was against recreational sex. Moses said love your neighbor. Jesus said love your enemy too. Moses said be good. Jesus said be perfect.

Final showdown Ex. 11:1 -

First born - special ranking - double inheritance

Pharaoh hardens his own heart until now - when the lord hardens it

Vs. 2 from now on - new years starts today -

On the 10th day select young lamb or goat (1 yr. Old-no defects) share?

For 4 days lavish special care - then slaughter it

At Midnight - Smear the blood on the door frame - roast the lamb and eat it with bitter herbs and unleavened bread

Eat it ALL - no leftovers - you’re moving out

Wear your traveling clothes - not your pajamas - you’re going on a long journey

Eat your food quickly - for this is the Lord’s Passover

God will execute judgment against all the gods of Egypt.

For the future - 7 days of remembrances - big feasts & worship on the 1st & 7th.

No yeast in the house - no work all week

Blood wasn’t to mark homes - they already lived separated in Goshen - it was a foreshadowing of a different death, a death by substitution

When your children ask - tell them the story - See the value of traditions

Read Ex. 12:8-11 God is saying be ready to leave at a moments notice

No leaven in bread symbol of the need for speed

For centuries afterwards the Jews would do a housecleaning once a year - get rid of all the leaven. Get rid of the stuff that drags you down, that keeps you from being able to move at a moments notice. What things act like leaven in your life, making it impure and contaminated. What about getting rid of it today?

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