Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This message is for those who would love to hear the heart-beat of God! This message is for those who are passionate to leave the ‘norm’ zone and get into the ‘dare’ zone!

Path breakers!

Exodus 33:18” Moses said, "Please show me your glory."

The mere mention of the name Moses is enough to draw gasps of admiration! He was the man with whom God spoke face to face! He was the man chosen and selected by God Himself to lead a crowd of around 6 lakh people, despite the fear and shortcomings that Moses himself expressed. He was the man who twice spent 40 days with God on the mountain without food and water! He was the man who dared to go and defy the pagan monarch Pharaoh! Yet Moses was not content with all these, he pleaded, ‘ Lord, Please show me your glory!’ Phew! Does a passionate desire to get near and close to God arise in you or are you satisfied with where you are? This message is for those who would love to hear the heart-beat of God! This message is for those who are passionate to leave the ‘norm’ zone and get into the ‘dare’ zone!

No more is boxing considered to be just for ‘men’ after Mary Kom stormed into the boxing ring! Friend, we rarely have exemplars like ‘Moses’ today in the Christian circle and among the youth and that’s why we see the enemy smashing the Christian youth and we find more crowd in the wine shop, discotheques and malls, rather than inside the church! We find Christians living defeated and depleted lives instead of victorious and glorious lives because we have put God behind and the world before us! Are you listening? David said: I have set the LORD always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.” (Psalm 16:8) Let us all say likewise!

The cinema industry, the electronic industry and in various other fields, they are booming today with new productions, innovative ideas and fantastic inventions; nevertheless, my heart aches to see children of God living ‘extraordinary’ lives! We got to go to a higher level of living and thinking rather than being stuck in the rut! We need a spiritual explosion today in the church that would compete with iphone6! Ground breaking ideas don’t come as you sit and munch popcorn but you get them when you prostrate at the feet of the Lord! God has promised blessing for us in every sphere of our life, let us stretch out and possess the blessings! It’s time to have a successful marriage, obedient children, prosperous business, good health, blessed ministry and victory at work! You don’t get these on trees but at His Feet!

When our church and school were bombarded on all sides by the local people and politicians of that area, we decided in the midst of that storm to hold 3 days of convention meetings in a big auditorium by inviting anointed preachers from outside. This was an audacious decision; however, we stretched out for God and we had glorious meetings with no interruptions! We are not here to pack up and leave when the devil comes with his horns, we got to combat the enemy with God and His strength!

The people of Israel had quickly disobeyed God by worshipping a golden calf, there was tension all around; yet in the midst of such chaos, Moses pleaded, ‘I want to see you God!’ You know what, all our despair, agony, failure, discouragements, sickness, weakness and sins would just disappear when we just have a glimpse of His glory!

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