Summary: Patience is a virtue that helps bring about success in every area of life. Without it you are doomed to failure. Surprisingly, the area most are falling short in is in having patience with God. God’s timing requires our patience.


2 Peter 1:3-8 now read Living Bible (not for accuracy but for clarity)

Intro: Definition of patience: Hupomone in Greek = remaining under pressure that God ordains. Not surrendering to the circumstances that are pressuring you.

Jesus calls us to get under the pressure of His yoke upon us. Jesus called us to carry a yoke in Matthew 11:29-30. A yoke has some pressure. You must take yours off before you can put His on.

Jesus calls us to get under the pressure of OUR cross, not His cross. Luke 9:23.

All this demands patience. When we think of patience we usually think of it in dealing with other people. But I think more important than that is that we exercise patience towards God. Patience towards God comes from knowing Him and His character and His Word. Patience results from being established in my faith in the Lord. You are discovering during life experiences whether or not you are really established in Him.


Is God ever late? I don’t think so! God seems slow but He is never late. He works on a different calendar than us. Sometimes it seems like God is not there or not doing anything. See Ps 73.

Ill. You may have felt that way when you started tithing. It is Frustrating to see those who do not tithe or even fear God seem to be prospering when you are striving to be faithful!

God does not balance all the books while we are here on earth! Be patient towards God. If you have accused God of wrong doing or of not being fair either verbally or in your mind. You must repent and ask forgiveness for impatience.


Read how patience is necessary to bring forth fruit from seed of Word that is sown. Read Luke 8:15.

-Other scripture Hebrews 10:36.

The devil will try to pressure you with doubt. He will cast doubt to you to see if it can find a place to lodge in your heart. He will use other people, even Christians to cast doubt on rhema Words (personal words enlightened to you by the Holy Spirit as you read the Word) God has spoken to you.

You don’t need to share everything God speaks to you or shows you in Word. If a rhema comes to you, hold onto it. Mary had some unusual experiences with God that the Bible says, “She treasured all these things in her heart.” In other words they were special and too personal to share with many others who would not understand. Don’t cast your pearls before swine. She hid God’s Word to her in her own safe deposit box!


Many prayers have experienced a violent abortion just before giving birth. Many a spiritual fruit failed to be delivered because one fainted before the season. Gal. 6:9.

Patience is necessary as we wait for the season on God’s calendar. Example: Read Acts 1:4-8. Why wait? Why not send the Holy Spirit right then?

Jews already celebrated Pentecost. In Old Testament days it was called the “Feast of Weeks” or in Hebrew Sha-voo-ote (pronounced). This was the celebration of the closing of one season and the beginning of another season. To the Jews it was also the anniversary of the giving of the Torah on MT. Sinai, when God revealed self and His Law. On this side we can see now God was orchestrating the giving of the Holy Spirit on this date, to emphasize to people the Law you celebrate now no longer is outside but will be written in your hearts by God’s Spirit. Now a new season in the world has begun!

Illustration: Show puzzle pieces and ask if anyone can tell what the whole picture looks like? God is putting together a puzzle before eyes of world. We only see pieces. Sometimes we given more pieces and visualize part of the picture. Some pieces are dark, hard to understand, maybe even painful to try and visualize how in the world can this fit into rest of puzzle?

Some pieces must be put aside until other pieces are in place before they can be seen as having a significant part.

Whenever we have to wait upon the Lord – it is always for a good reason. God is working on many fronts at the same time. You may not know “Why?” during this lifetime. Someone said, “When you can’t see the hand of God, will you trust His heart?” Impatience can rob you of a blessing.


Ill. A fitness instructor at the gym pushes you to your limit. You do not realize what you can do unless have to do it. If God did not push us at times we would not experience some of the greatest times of our lives.

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