Summary: Every new Godly spiritual experience seems to have its counter-balance in suffering.


Text: Acts 28:1-10

Introduction: "They all [276 souls] escaped to land."

Again Paul suffers shipwreak. He is now

a prisoner on his way to Rome because He

had appealed to Caesar.

Theme: Few have had such glimpses of heavenly

things as Paul, and suffered so much for

the cause of Christ.

I. Unexpected Kindness

A. "The barbarous people showed us no little


1. not savages - just not Romans or Greek

speaking people

2. had the "milk" of human kindness in their


B. Lord has many ways of scattering crumbs of

comfort to those who fear His name.

C. Jn 21:9 - "As soon as they were come to land,

they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid

thereon, and bread."

D. Paul may have looked upon this particular fire

as if it, too, had been kindled by the hand of

Jesus the Christ.

II. Humble Service

A. "Paul gathered a bundle of sticks."

1. willing to serve others

2. To be greatest of all is to be servant

of all (Mk 9:35; 10:44).

B. Paul tended the fire of his own volition, i.e.,

pro-active eleemosynary propensities.

C. Heb 10:24 - "...consider one another to

provoke unto love and good works:"

III. Another Trial

A. "Then came a viper out of the heat, and fast-

ened on his [Paul’s] hand, and he shook off

the beast into the fire." - Acts 28: 3, 5

B. As Paul was trying to bring comfort to others,

he became suddenly and unexpectedly in the

grip of a poisonous viper.

1. Why? He does not know.

2. "What have I done to deserve this?

3. He believes that "All things work together

[emphasis "together"] for good to them

that love God..."

C. "Those who would sacrifice themselves for the

warming up of their shivering fellow-creatures

need not be surprised that the HEAT should

bring to life some snake that will seek to

fasten itself to the hand of mercy." -- Source


D. It[the trial] provides a temptation to sin,

either in thought or act.

1. Shake the slimy thing off into the fire

from whence it came!

2. Possess your soul in patience, i.e., Luke


IV. False Judgement

A. First a murderer; then, a god (see also,

Acts 14:8-19 - Paul and Barnabus).

B. There is not much between the frown and the

favor of those who do not know the truth

as it is found in Christ Jesus (Jn. 14:6)

C. Satan tries to spoil the good that men would


V. Rewards

A. Islanders of Malta/Melita had helped those


B. Publius’ father healed of a fever.

C. Others healed of their diseases (Acts 28:9).

D. According to Matt. 10:42, if a cup of cold

water is given in Jesus’ name - God will

bless the giver.

Conclusion: Be about the work of the Lord. Do not

selfishly hold back. Satan may bite but

he can be shaken off. God [El-ROI] sees

and knows. Needs will be supplied.

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