Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is a sermon about hunting and wearing camoflage and being a Christian requires us to learn how to camoflage ourselves by being all things to all people

Hunter Sunday

The Apostle Paul wore camouflage


A. Welcome to hunter Sunday. After the service today we will be serving venison chili and corn bread, and outside we have a couple of great cooks who will be grilling up some venison steaks and some and even some Salmon. Out behind the church if you would like to try some archery shooting we will have some extra bows for you try out. I hope you get to stay and enjoy the day.

B. One thing that many non-hunters do not realize is that deer hunting is good for the state. Most people don’t know is how much money the hunters give to the state. Ohio is one of the best deer hunting states in the country right now. Hunters fly in from all over the country, from almost every state just to hunt in Ohio.

A. About $100,000,000 comes in each year from licenses, tags, and special tax on ammo and guns. That money is used to buy the land for state parks and lakes. It is also used to pay to for care and upkeep of these lakes, parks, and rivers around the state. What that means is that you would not have all these beautiful parks and lakes without all these hunters.

B. Most people are not aware of the damage that deer cause to farmers. Deer destroy almost $50 million dollars a year in crops in Ohio alone! There are also around 30,000 deer related car accidents a year. That means about 10% of all car accidents in Ohio are caused by deer.

C. You need to say thank you to deer hunters. Without them the deer population would explode and the financial damage to farmers and insurance companies would rise dramatically and we would all foot the bill with higher insurance costs and higher food costs. All those cute bambies turn in potential car accidents!

Best dressed

A. Some of you went all out today with your camo gear. We have a prize for the best dressed hunter today. I have four venison steaks to give away.

B. So if you wore camo gear and want to possible win these venison steaks come up front and we will do a vote for the best dressed hunter.

C. Choose the best dressed camo person

D. Give prize.

Why do deer hunters wear camouflage?

A. Most people don’t realize how hard it is to get a deer. There are about 420,000 gun hunters. In 2013 they tagged 75,000 deer. That means 1 out of 6 hunters got a deer about 18%. So, 100 hunters go hunting only 18 get a deer! That means 82 hunters walk out of the woods with nothing but a great nature walk.

B. A deer hunter can increase his chances of tagging a deer if he is smart and wears hunters camo. This way he does not stand out in the woods and the deer will not be on the alert as it walks through.

C. There are all sorts of different kinds of camouflage a hunter can use. Let’s take a look.

Interview with camo people

A. Steve: wearing the gilly suit

1. So what do you call this?

2. Why do you wear camo when you hunt?

3. How many years have been hunting?

4. Now you hunt with a gun and a compound bow and also a recurve bow. (Show me the bow)

B. Sandy with regular camo gear

1. What kind of camo gear is this?

2. Do you think it really helps? (Ask her to stand behind a tree)

3. Yes, it helps me blend into the environment so the deer won’t see me.

4. I have to be careful when I am sitting in the tree stand not to move around a lot as well.

5. Sandy, why do you like to hunt? Not to many women hunt why do you like to hunt?

6. Have you ever gotten a big deer?

C. Paul wears orange jump suit

1. What kind of camo gear is this? Do you think it really helps?

2. Now Paul, it seems to me that this kind of suit would really stand out. Why do you wear orange?

3. Seem pretty bright, deer can’t see this?

4. I guess it would be fair to say if you get shot wearing this, not a mistake!

5. How old were you when you tagged your first deer?

D. Mike wears winter clothes

1. Are these warm?

2. Why do you wear scent lok clothing?

3. Does it really matter if you go hunting with clothes that you wore in the house?

4. Why these colors?

E. Let’s give these people a hand.

F. The reason deer are so hard to get is because deer have an incredible sense of smell. Deer can smell you a hundred yards away. They also have an acute sense of hearing and great eyes. They are so quiet they can be right next to you and you won’t even notice and sometimes you can be looking right at them and won’t see them because they blend in so well.

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