6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Paul prays that the church would choose excellence,integrity, and the fruit of righteousness.

#6 4-29-07

Paul’s Prayer for the Church of Philippi (2)

Text; Philippians 1:9-11


Summary: Paul was a man of prayer and he prayed for their spiritual maturity. That they would abound more in God’s love.

III. Paul Prays that they would choose Excellence

A. Excellence is built on divine love

1. God’s love has real knowledge and discernment

2. Through knowing and loving God you choose to obey and please Him.

B. Approve the things that are excellent

1. More than just the acknowledgement of what is excellent but choosing what is excellent.

2. Choose what is most important, crucial, and most pleasing to God.

C. Pursue the most excellent spiritual objectives

1. Don’t let your emotion and fleshly impulses control your choices.

Falling into sin usually happens in stages

a. Tolerate something, but don’t take a strong stand against it.

b. Accommodate it an little at a time.

c. Legitimize it by making excuses

d. Participate in it

2. Choose to obey the Holy Spirit

a. In your thoughts (Phil. 4:8)

b. In your attitudes (2:5)

c. In your words (2:14)

d. In your actions (1:27)

IV. Paul prays that they would have integrity

A. That they would be sincere

1. “Sincere” means to test by the sunlight. Like cleaning glass windows in the sunlight. Ancient pottery was checked in the sunlight to see cracks covered by wax.

2. Believers are to expose their hearts to the sunlight of God’s Word.

B. That they would be blameless

1. Void of offence towards others

2. Don’t cause others to stumble. Parents and leaders most not cause others to stumble.

V. Paul Prays that they would be filled with the fruit of righteousness

A. Fruit (results) of righteousness

1. Godly character

2 The fruit of the Spirit

3. Morality, good works

B. Righteousness comes through Christ

1. This righteousness is not a self-righteousness

2. Christ imparts His righteousness to us who believe and receive Him.

3. This righteousness is manifested through obedience.

How well are you growing in spiritual maturity?

Are you growing in God’s love?

Are you daily choosing what is excellent or most pleasing to God?

Are you growing in personal integrity?

Are you showing fruit of righteousness?

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