Summary: We are given instructions that prepare us for God movement in our lives.

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"Pay Attention to the Details" (Gen. 6:9-22, 7:15-16)

- Rev. A. L. Torrence,

Pastor of the Cross of Life Lutheran Church

“Make yourself an ark” were the words given to Noah. God gave this feeble old man blue prints for building a floating “tay-bawh” which is the original Hebrew word for this ark (or better translated as a large box that floats). And that amazing thing about these plans given to Noah about this ark – is the detail. God tells him what specific materials too use; how much to use, and what it should look when its all done. It is as if the divine carpenter reached his hands down from heaven and inscribed a blue print in the perishable mind of a feeble old man. He tells him details: make this ark of gopher wood (300 cubits in length, fifty cubits in width and thirty cubits in heights). It seems so important for Noah to get all of this down. I am about to do a something that will change the face of this earth. Pay attention to these details Noah. Tell your neighbor, “Pay attention to the details.” He says, "I want an ark of Gopher wood with three decks." It has to be three levels high – a level for each of the Godhead – the top level for the Father – the creator and provider, the second level for the son – redeemer and savior – and the bottom level for the holy Ghost – sustainer and comforter. Yeah, Noah you got to pay attention to the details. You see, sometimes we forget that our God is a God of details. He is a God of. Order. He does not operate sporadically and on a whim. God has a plan. God gave similar details in Exodus and Leviticus to Moses and the children of Israel when they were construct the Ark of the Covenant and tabernacle in the wilderness. God gave them detail instructions on how to build a place of worship and even better yet, how to build a people of worship. He told them not only about preparing the house of worship but he told them about preparing their hearts for worship. In the first epistle to the Corinthians, our lord, Jesus gave his people detailed instructions concerning worship. He said for as often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup, you do show the Lord’s death till he come.” WE need to understand our God is also a God of details. God will get specific about some things and obscure with other things. God got detailed in his architecture plans for this ark. He told Noah, "Make yourself an ark."

But, like I said we have to pay attention to the details. He gave Noah the plans for building of this structure. There is no doubt that when Noah leaves his personal meeting with God, he has a plan. He has a vision. Yet, one would have to ask the question if placed in his shoes – where am I going to get the resources to do this? Surely, Noah must have wondered about the cost of this project. He must have thought about the manpower needed to pull it off. He must have wondered about the time and effort this would cost him. I mean, when Noah showed these plans to his family, I wondered how did they react? I wonder what the conversation was like every time Noah told them the things they needed to do to get this ark completed? I wonder if Noah had to go out and get three bids on the gopher wood? I wonder if he was told, “well lets be careful with our spending this month because we are exhausting our account”? I wonder if he had to wait to see if some one was giving away supplies such as hammers, nails, and rope? Or did he have to write a grant for all of that stuff? All God told Noah was, “make yourself an ark.”

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