6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Doing what the word of God tells us to do to see the Glory of God once again in our churches.

Intro: A. W. Tozer once said, "I’m afraid we modern Christains are long on talk and short on conduct. We use the language of power but our deeds are the deeds of weakness. We settle for words in religion because deeds are to costly. It is easier to pray, "Lord, help me to carry my cross daily" than to pick it up and carry it; but since the mere request for help to do something we do not actually intend to do has a certain degree of religious comfort, we are content with repetition of the words."

Luke 14:27-33

If we, in today’s modern church, are to receive the Glory of God, we to are going to have to come to that established, settled place near God - Ex. 33:21


Ex. 34:1-28 holds the answers to this question.

I. Go back to the first - the way it used to be - v. 1

Rev. 2:4-5

Matt. 6:33

Jer. 6:16

Jacob had to go back to the beginning - back to Bethel

Gen. 35:3

II. Reverence the Holiness of God - v. 3

Ex. 15:11

Ps. 30:4

Ps. 47:8

The condition of the Church today!

Mal. 2:11 - dealt treacherously

We need the Fear of the Lord back in the body of Christ today.

Ps. 2:11, Ps. 33:8, Ps. 34:9, Ps. 111:10, Prov. 1:7, Prov. 10:27, Prov. 14:26

III. Worship God - v. 5-7

Ps. 22:3

A. W. Tozer said, "We are called to an everlasting preoccupation with God."

IV. Heart of Repentance - v. 8-9

Matt. 4:17

Luke 13:3

Acts 3:19

Jesus told 5 of the 7 Churches of Asia to repent in Rev. Chp. 2 and 3

V. Obedience - v.11

1 Sam. 15:22-23

John 14:15

VI. Don’t Compromise - v. 12-17

The World

John 16:33

1 John 2:15-17

Your flesh

Gal. 5:13,16-17

The devil

James 4:7

VII. Giving God our Best - v. 19-20

Mal. 3:8-12

Phil. 3:7-10

VIII. Pentect and all that goes along with it to be a regular part of our service - v. 22

Acts 2:1-4,39

Conclusion: 1Kings 8:11, 2 Chron. 5:14

We can have it that way or we can have it this way! 1 Sam. 4:21

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