Summary: God has promised to give abundant peace to all those who obey Him.

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We live in a world full of war and violence. Yet God promises the "House of Israel" long time ago, that if they obeyed Him, He would have given them peace like a "River." I went down to the river to understand the greatness of this text. I discovered the following:

I. A River Flows Continuously. Rocks, tree-stump, and barges, boats; nothing stops the flow of the river. The flow of the river keeps all trash, debris and carnage on the move. The peace that God gives will flow like a river. It keeps all the mess in life on the move.

II. A River Feds From Streams and Springs. God is our source of spiritual and physical life. In Him we move, live and have our being.

III. A River Has Its Own Bed. Although it moves constantly, it remains in its bed.

IV. A River Will Make Its Own Course. When the levy broke, the river flowed in its own direction. Nothing could prevent its movement. In like manner nothing can prevent the peace of God from reaching its full-filling its course.

V. A River is Water In Abundance. God will give us plenty of peace.

VI. A River has Its Riches Inside of Itself. The child of God has his peace on the inside through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

VII. A River Reflects the Beauty of the Sun. We too, are reflectors of the SON.

Conclusion: If we obey God, He has promised to give us peace like a river.

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