Summary: A biblical prescription for peace

Philippians 4:4-7

“Peace That Passeth All Understanding”

Intro: 1. Do all Christians have this kind of peace?

2. Think of a person you know who does and see if they have these characteristics

I. Rejoice in the Lord always. (4)

A. The focus of our joy (In the Lord)

*What do you rejoice in?

B. Fullness of our joy (always or in everything)

*Romans 8:28

*All things are not good but will work out for our good

II. Remain gentle to all (5) (Moderation – gentleness)

*”The Lord is at hand” – God is watching you.

A. Loveless (enemies)

B. Unloved

C. Loved ones. (The Church)

III. Reject Anxiety (6) (Careful – anxious)

A. Prayer, the direction of our plea – to God

B. Supplication, the desire of our plea – Help!

C. Thanksgiving, the disposition of our plea – Faith

Ill – Paul and Silas in prison



They all had these three elements in there life.

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