Summary: Are we called to be Peacekeepers or Peacemakers, some do not know the difference. We are weapons of Peace, givers of Peace, and makers of Peace.

Peacekeeper or Peacemaker

Matt 5:9

When looking up Peacekeeper in an Encyclopedia one would find some of the following; various weapons like the Colt 45 called by Sam Colt “the peacekeeper” you would also find a missile system built during Ronald Reagan’s administration by the same name. You will find various soldiers, militia, and even heavily armed Law enforcement personnel. But is this what Jesus meant by this Beatitude? Notice Jesus uses the word Peacemaker. What comes to mind when we say that?

For me, my thoughts turn to a former President Jimmy Carter. During his administration he sought to bring Peace to the Middle East by making peace between Israel and Egypt. I remember seeing Jimmy Carter, Prime Minister Begin and President Anwar Sadat, signing the Peace treaty, shaking hands, and embracing.

Peace is not just the absence of war or conflict. It is a harmonious relationship between people and nations.

Therefore a PEACEMAKER is one who:

Seeks Peace

A young man named Heinz growing up in Bavaria, during the regime of Adolf Hitler, learned how to resolve conflict with words. He would often go to the other side of the street to avoid conflict with some of Hitler’s bullies. When conflict was inevitable he would try and talk his way out. His family eventually came to America. His name became synonymous with Peace or Peace Talks. You may know him better by his anglicized name Henry Kissinger.

Romans 12:18-21 calls us to seek peace

Romans 14:19 we are commanded to make every effort to come to peace

A PEACEMAKER also Makes Peace

Luke 6:27-35 shows us the best way to deal with enemies, make them our friends

Proverbs 25:21 is where Paul got his advice that he uses in Romans.

Matt 5:23 very familiar passage about what we should do first.

A PEACEMAKER follows the example of the Ultimate PEACEMAKER Jesus

A PEACEMAKER reconciles enemies.

Eph 2:15 Jesus reconciled us to God and to each other

Col. 1:21-22 While we were God’s enemies, Jesus reconciled us, making Peace

2 Cor. 5:20-21 Through Jesus we are reconciled to God

Romans 5:10 By His death Jesus reconciled us.

If we want to be PEACEMAKERS we must

1. Seek Peace, reconcile with others, and help reconcile enemies

2. Give our lives to Christ so that we too can be reconciled to God

3. Go tell others how they can be at Peace with God.

Then and only then can we be called “Sons of GOD”

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