Summary: This sermon encourages Christians to get serious about their relationship with the Lord. The sermon illustrates three ways to get serious about the Lord

I. Introduction

a. Joshua’s farewell speech.

b. Joshua’s last words were for the people of Israel to get serious about the Lord.

c. God wants us to be serious in our walk with Him!

d. In the text we find three ways that we can get serious about the Lord.

II. The First way to get serious about the Lord is to MAKE A CHOICE (14-15)

a. Joshua told the people that they had to choose between Yahweh and the God’s of Egypt.

b. The people liked the best of both.

c. We cannot serve the Lord and serve the world.

i. God wants us to Choose.

d. Joshua had made the choice to serve the Lord, have you?

III. The Second way to get serious is to MAKE A COMMITMENT. (16-24)

a. The People of Israel made a choice (16-18)

i. The people thought about all the things Yahweh had done for them, so they decided to follow Him.

b. Joshua wanted a commitment (19-20)

i. Joshua wanted the people to know that Yahweh was a God who desired total Commitment

ii. A decision made on a burst of enthusiasm is not enough.

iii. Joshua told them that God would not forgive their serving other gods.

iv. After we choose to follow the Lord, we must realize that God wants a commitment.

c. The People were Committed (21-22)

i. After hearing Joshua, The People reaffirm their choice to serve the Lord.

ii. The people confirm a covenant with the Lord to serve Him and they were their own witnesses

d. Joshua demand more than words, he wants actions (23-24)

i. Joshua told the people to throw away foreign gods.

1. The People obey Joshua

ii. Our commitment is shown by our actions.

iii. A commitment requires more than words, their must be actions.

IV. The Third way to get serious about the Lord is to MAKE A MARKER (25-27)

a. Ill. War markers and other monuments

b. Joshua had the people look to the stone as a witness.

c. We have spiritual stones in our life to remind us of the commitments that we have made.

i. Some of these markers may be the day we got Saved

ii. May be the day we got baptized

iii. May be a day we decided to give all to Jesus

V. Conclusion

a. Ask yourself these questions, “Am I serious about my relationship with the Lord?”

i. Have I made the choice to follow the Lord?

ii. Have I made the commitment to serve the Lord?

iii. Are there markers in my life that I can look back at?

b. God is ready for us to get serious

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