Summary: Nehemiah persevered when the chips were down

III: PERSEVERE IN ADVERSITY Neh. 2:10 & 19 & 20.

Sanballat the Horite and Tobiah the Ammonite opposed him.

Both non-Jews.

Not part of the OT covenant.

Jealousy and fear of the consequences. Nehemiah would become powerful.

Note Nehemiah rebukes them, not by name calling but merely by saying

God has called us to do this

We will do it and you have nothing to do with our work.(Neh.2:20).


Practical Lesson.

i) Satan is out to stop us.

ii) Expect opposition in Christian work. Even from professing Christians.

iii) Popularity - forget it!!

Jesus was hated John 15:18 - If the world hates you keep in mind that it hated me first and v.20 - No servant is greater than his master.

Expect scorn too.

I was challenged by what Nati on Tuesday evening as we came back from Kandern. She said to me that it is not important to her what people think about Nati, but what God thinks about her. And this was religous talk, it was ingrained in her character.

iv) Use all legal means to achieve your goals: Neh 2:4.

Paul uses his Roman citizenship to avoid unfair treatment (Acts 16 and 22)

Paul uses his Pharisaical background to confuse his attackers (Acts 22);

Nehemiah used his access to the King to get permission to rebuild (Neh.2:8).

Moses actually got Pharoah’s consent for the Children of Israel to leave Egypt. (Ex.12 :32)

God does not use dishonest methods.


When the chips are down, stick to your origainl vision. Pary and pary and pray again.

Maddy often says to me:

Why pray when you can worry!

Then having prayed STAND FIRM

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