Summary: Cornelius' career and rank in society did not forbid his time for God. He never cited a lame excuse because he was in the defense ministry. Read further to enjoy the message.

Acts 10:1-22 Peter and Cornelius Household

10:01-08 Cornelius’ vision of Angel of God

10:09-22 Peter and his trance on Food habits

Acts 10:01-08 Cornelius’ vision of Angel of God

Luke reports that there was a centurion named Cornelius, He was serving in the Italian regiment of Caesar’s government. He had a station office at Caesarea. He was a God-fearing man with his household (Acts 10:1-2). His career and rank in society did not forbid his time for God. He never cited a lame excuse because he was in the defense ministry. He was well rooted in the pious life to the extent of understanding, interpreting the Vision of God.

He had involved in helping the poor through bequests and gifts. He spent time in prayer (Acts 10:3-4). So, he struck a balance between spiritual activities and social works. Cornelius maintained a healthy relationship with God with society concerning the downtrodden, underprivileged and needy community. He had a vision and call from the Lord. Cornelius immediately obeyed and responded to the Vision he received. Cornelius called two of his servants along with one of his soldiers. He shared with them about the vision and updated them. He ordered them to go to Joppa and look for Peter and bring him to Caesarea for teaching and preaching. Three of them were devoted people. So he narrated the entire vision and its urgency to complete it on time (Acts 10:7-8).

Acts 10:09-22 Peter and his trance on Food habits

The Holy Spirit works simultaneously at Joppa where Apostle Peter was a lodge in a tanner’s house (Acts 9:43). Peter also a man of prayer. About noon, Peter went up to the upper room or terrace for prayer at noon. He was hungry and had a vision about food. There were reptiles, animals, and birds of the air. He was told to kill and eat. But, Peter denied that he wouldn’t eat. The voice from heaven clarified to Peter that God made everything clean. If God can call all animals and birds clean and say that they are eatable. Then how come the human race can be classified as clean and unclean races. The traditional understanding of Jews is the only clean race on the earth, and all others are gentiles, and unclean races have come to an end with this revelation. While Jesus was on the earth he repeatedly made them understand that he came to this world to save the lost, loss of all races. His great Commission talked about the inclusiveness of all languages, nations, and lands (Matthew 28:18-20).

Peter understood the interpretation of the Vision very quickly as soon as the three men approached him with the invitation from Cornelius to come to Caesarea. Holy Spirit spoke to Peter and affirmed him to go with those three men. If our inner feelings and sensitivities are affirmed with the Word of God, and through the servants of God, then we must be sure that that is the will of God. The servants of Cornelius testified about their Master is highly valuable. They said that Cornelius was righteous, God-fearing, and respected by all the Jewish people ( Acts 10:22). It is very inspiring.


1. How do you maintain your work and spirituality?

2. How far the Church-at-large has understood the vision of Peter?

3. How your colleagues, friends, near and dear ones testify about you?

(For further studies on the Acts of the Apostles, kindly refer to the series on this site).

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