Summary: This sermon is somewhat of a lymeric about Peter and Johns encouter with the lame man at the Beautiful gate.

Peter Apostle Picked – The Providence of God: Acts 3:1-10

Peter Apostle Picked six particular things.

1. A particular place – the temple

2. A particular point in time – the hour of prayer

3. A particular person to be reached – the paralyzed man

4. A particular path to take – the one through the beautiful gate

5. A particular point of focus – Jesus Christ

6. A particular person to be praised – God

But did Peter apostle really pick any of these things?

No, he simply picked to be part of a providential plan.

When we pick to be part of a providential plan God will empower us to proclaim a proven message of propitiation to the proverbial paralyzed people in our paths.

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