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Summary: with faith we can do anything because God is always at our side.

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Let God sustain you. I have already said that brother Yun had suffered greatly in the name of Christianity but the times that he spent in prison were times when he could focus wholly and completely on God. Between the beatings and torture with electric batons there were many things that happened that could only have happened because God had willed it to happen. The power that God had was showed to Yun and all those who had turned to God through him. They received God’s blessings. Faith can be something that ebbs and flows. There have been times in my life when my faith has been strong but there have also been other times when it has been weak. John Wesley once said “Preach faith until you have it and then because you have got faith you will preach faith.” All of those people who came to Jesus to either heal themselves or others came to him because they knew that Jesus would help them. They believed in his power. They believed in his Holy Spirit. They believed in Jesus. Jesus said to them “Go your faith has healed you.” I remember some years ago when at a service in Bakewell the preacher was talking about healing by faith. A man stood up at the rear of the church and told the congregation that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer. He, his family and friends had prayed constantly for this woman and suddenly when she had gone back to the hospital they found that the cancer had completely gone. That was the result of faith and prayer. At the end of our last reading we hear how people came to Jesus for a physical healing. But what they should have come for was a spiritual healing. They came to prolong their lives on earth but did they come to secure their eternal lives? People may seek Jesus to learn valuable lessons from him and his life or in the hope of finding relief from pain. But we miss the true Jesus and his message if we seek him only to heal our bodies and not our souls. We need to look at his eternal plan for us and not just this life. Only when we understand the real Jesus Christ can we appreciate how he can truly change our lives.

At some time in our lives we are all going to sink at one time or another. We’re all going to have times when our faith is so strong we’ll feel like we can do anything that God asks of us. We will also have times when our faith is very, very small. Yet, we need to keep in our minds that wonderful scene where Jesus reaches out his hand to Peter. He doesn’t let him go, he doesn’t punish him for his sudden renewed fear or his doubt. No, he pulls him out of the waves. Leads him to the safety of the boat and the care of his friends. And the waves and the wind die down.

Fear is transformed into awe; terror is transformed into belief, and the disciples begin to praise the one who has saved them. When you feel that you too are sinking in the storms of life call out to Jesus to save you and you will find that he will reach out to you and take hold of you and walk you to safety.

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